Why does Pennywise Beep Beep Richie say


Always a prankster, Richie turned his most prominent character trait into a profession and became a comedian and disc jockey. He is known as the man of a thousand voices [1] - while they all sounded embarrassingly the same in his childhood, he has now practiced and can (much like Henry Leyden) imitate different people; some have their own names (see below). Whenever these voices get on the nerves of his friends in the Losers' Club, they ask him to be quiet with the words "Beep-beep, Richie".

He is brought up religiously and accepts the idea of ​​ghosts without questioning it. At the same time he retains a childlike naivete and his firm belief that sneezing powder can stop IT means that he hurts IT more than Bill with his father's revolver. [2]

The wearer of glasses gets into trouble again and again because of his poor eyesight: Not only that the glasses are good food for Henry Bowers, who scolds him with glasses and the like; that he keeps breaking it becomes a real financial nuisance for his parents. On his return to Derry as an adult, Richie wears contact lenses, but his eyes suddenly sting so badly that he has to take them out. This is part of the remembering process as it remembers the smoke burning during the smoking ceremony; henceforth he wears glasses again.

Richie and IT

He apparently had his first encounters with ES together with Bill Denbrough in his late brother Georgie's room and at the house on Neibolt Street, where he met the teenage werewolf, whom he had recently seen in the cinema and only escaped thanks to Silver. But later it becomes clear that he has already met ES in the form of the Paul Bunyon statue that has come to life; an event that he had repressed as a dream.

Together with Mike he has the vision of the arrival of ES in the clubhouse and in 1985 he and Bill are thrown into the Macroverse, where he takes part in the ritual of Chüd.


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