What's your favorite overnight oat recipe

Overnight Oats - The quick and healthy breakfast

What exactly are overnight oats

Your name already gives it away: Die Oatmeal Meal is prepared the evening before and then swell overnight relaxed so that you have your breakfast to hand the next morning. So the excuse of running out of time no longer counts.

The overnight oats are reminiscent of that English porridge or our local gruel, they just come out of the fridge and not from the hot pot. Even if this may not trigger the best childhood memories for some, this breakfast variant is really recommended. By adding fruits, nuts and spices you can conjure up delicious power flakes according to your taste from the basic material (porridge) in no time at all.

The advantages of overnight oats

  1. You can sleep longer in the morning! Overnight oats become prepared in the evening and topped with fresh fruit in the morning
  2. oatmeal fill you up for a long time and flex thanks to complex carbohydrates and Fiber Food cravings
  3. Overnight oats are rich in complex carbohydrates, valuable Vitamins and minerals, healthy fats and protein. And therefore more than healthy!
  4. Depending on your preference or tolerance, you can turn your overnight oats into one vegan breakfast do
  5. The fine breakfast cereals are Cheap and go easy on the wallet
  6. Eating the same thing every morning - kind of boring. You decide about yours Topping: Berries, banana, grapes, crispy flakes or chocolate. Nuts or ...
  7. Overnight oats taste great in summer and in winter - for example with fresh fruits or cinnamon
  8. Don't like having breakfast at home? There are also overnight oats to go! Prepare in the evening, fill into a screw-top jar and take it with you the next morning

Basic recipe for overnight oats

The Basic recipe is very simple and consists of Oatmeal and liquid in a ratio of 1: 2. It doesn't matter what you soak the flakes in. Depending on your taste preference, type of diet (e.g. vegan) or tolerance, you can Cow, soy, coconut or almond milk Use just as well as yogurt or neutral water. If you prefer it softer or firmer, you simply adjust the amount of liquid accordingly.

Oatmeal and liquid of choice are essential for the oatmeal

And now let off steam to your heart's content. Add whatever you feel like adding to your oatmeal: different Fruits, nuts, raisins, coconut chips, chia seeds and spices such as cinnamon or vanilla. If you like it sweet, you can refine your oats with honey, syrup or agave syrup as you wish.

Refine your overnight oats with nuts, seeds and spices

The flakes then swell in the refrigerator over night up and get a creamy, soft consistency. You can of course only add them in the morning for fresh fruit and toppings. With countless variations, the healthy breakfast can be constantly expanded and never gets boring.

18 toppings for your breakfast bowl.

Overnight oats as a healthy breakfast

Because oatmeal is rich in Fiber are, hold them long fed up and make the blood sugar level rise only slowly compared to white bread and jam. For those who would like to lose one or two love handles, this aspect is not without concern. The stomach needs more time to get the complex carbohydrate chains to disassemble - this prevents food cravings before lunch. But of course that is not all: The satirizer is still rich in, among other things unsaturated fatty acids and Minerals, Proteins, different Vitamins, iron, calcium and zinc. The latter even helps to do something good for your skin and hair.

So that's where you really like to have breakfast, don't you?

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