Polytheism is still widespread in Western society


Jean-Félix Belinga Belinga

Jean-Félix Belinga Belinga

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Jean-Félix Belinga Belinga, theologian and author from Cameroon, has lived in Germany since 1980. His dual identity is particularly evident in his poems. He also writes novels, short stories and fairy tales for all ages, in which he describes life in his African homeland.


In addition to the traditional African religions, there are two large religious communities in Africa: Islam and Christianity. There are also other world religions such as Hinduism, Sikhism and Judaism, which, however, play a subordinate role in relation to the beliefs mentioned above. Islam is particularly widespread in North and West Africa as well as in the coastal regions of East Africa, while Christianity is primarily to be found in southern Africa, inland East Africa, in Central Africa and on the coast of West Africa.

The various traditional African religions are practiced all over the continent with the exception of North Africa, often in parallel with Christianity and Islam, and reflect the cultural diversity of the approximately 2,000 societies in Africa. Religiousness occupies a central place in the life of Africans and permeates all areas of life.