Why do people bully Trump supporters

Biden and Trump in the election campaign : Why the allegation of election fraud catches on so well in the United States

Can President Donald Trump be trusted to “steal” a second term in office? His challenger, Democrat Joe Biden, has now warned of this on Comedy Central's "Daily Show".

"I believe that Trump is capable of anything"

The concern that Trump would not leave the White House voluntarily has moved some US citizens since he took office in January 2017. A variant of this fear is that Republicans intervene in the preparation of the election and its process in November and in those ruled by them States prevent potential democratic voters from casting their votes. For example, through requirements for entry in the electoral register. Trump could win the election with this advantage.

The other variant of the concern is that Trump will not accept an election result that shows him defeat, but instead claim that the election victory was "stolen" from him by the Democrats. In extreme cases, he could call on his supporters to resist - knowing full well that many of them have weapons at home and organize themselves in citizen militias.

John Kornblum, US Ambassador to Germany under President Bill Clinton from 1997 to 2000, recently said in an interview with Tagesspiegel about Trump: “He's already constantly attacking the idea of ​​voting by postal vote, claiming that this was fraudulent Could provide a boost. Trump will increasingly talk about the 2020 election being "stolen". There is great concern that he could even go so far as to trigger a crisis in order not to have to accept defeat. Personally, I believe he's capable of anything. ”Kornblum now lives in Tennessee, a state with numerous Trump supporters.

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Biden also spoke on the "Today Show" about Trump's handling of postal voting: "This is a guy who says that all postal ballot papers are fake."

Kulturkampf around the postal vote factor

Postal votes have become increasingly important over the past few decades. Their number could increase significantly in 2020 due to the corona pandemic and the fear of infection in places with many people. Trump's and Biden's supporters look differently at the postal vote. This almost comes close to a culture war. Experience has shown that more Democrats than Republicans use postal votes.

The statistical difference alone makes it easier for Trump to discredit postal voting among his fans as a means of manipulation. Most of its voters live in small towns and in the country, where people go to the polling station in person on election day. And now sees little reason for corona requirements, because the risk of infection is lower than in densely populated metropolitan areas.

Biden's voters mostly live in big cities, value mobility and flexibility and use the opportunity to vote by letter at any time.

Mutual suspicion about election fraud

Whether and under what conditions postal voting is permitted is one of the many controversial issues between the camps in the struggle for a vote that is favorable to them. They assume mutually unfair motives. If you want to vote in the USA, you have to take action and register yourself in the electoral register.

There is no registration office like in Germany that automatically sends the eligibility to vote together with an application for postal voting. Republicans have strict requirements like showing a US driver's license to prevent election fraud and to ensure that only US citizens vote and that they do so only once and not register in multiple locations.

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Democrats say strict regulations are harassment against minorities such as blacks and Latinos, who vote more for Democrats than Republicans, but some of whom do not have a driver's license. Democrats want as many voters as possible to vote without requirements such as proof of identity and residence.

The closer the election result, the greater the risk

In many places the dispute - as well as the "Gerrymandering", the layout of the constituencies - is carried out in court. The New York Times wrote in early April that it was expecting the largest electoral dispute since the Voting Rights Act of 1965 in 2020. At that time, the law had banned the worst methods of suppressing black votes and was at the heart of the fight for political equality.

Trump and Biden find a sounding board among their voters when they accuse the competitor of trying to "steal" the election. The suspicion also serves to mobilize one's own base. A serious fight for the legitimacy of the election can be expected when it runs out tight. Or even, as in 2000, a few hundred votes in a single state, then Florida, decide who becomes president. In the event of a landslide victory, the loser would have to accept the outcome sooner.

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