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Smog, fine dust and Co.

The smog warning levels have now been abolished in Germany. These have been replaced by EU limit values ​​such as those for fine dust.

The Federal Environment Agency writes: "To protect human health, limit values ​​for the fine dust fraction PM10 have been in effect across Europe since January 1, 2005. The daily limit value is 50 µg / m3 and must not be exceeded more than 35 times a year. The permissible annual mean value is 40 µg / m3. For the even smaller PM2.5 particles, a target value of 25 µg / m has applied across Europe since 20083 in the annual mean, which should be complied with since January 1, 2010. This value has been binding since January 1, 2015, and from January 1, 2020, the PM 2.5 annual mean values ​​may be 20 µg / m3 no longer exceed. "

EU limit values ​​are regularly exceeded in Stuttgart

In Stuttgart the limit values ​​are 50 µg / m3 regularly exceeded, as the city is located in a valley basin in which weather conditions with poor air exchange occur more frequently. In 2015, the exposure was above the limit value on 61 days. The last time there was a strong increase in the concentration of particulate matter occurred in January 2016, whereupon the city asked its citizens to use local public transport and to leave the car behind. The limit values ​​for fine dust and nitrogen oxides are also frequently exceeded at locations in Reutlingen, Frankfurt an der Oder and Berlin.