What are alternatives to file_get_contents in PHP


miniurls ... will you hold back a little, please? I said:
-) the "file_get_contents" does not work
-) said 2 urls where it works with each other, but not in connection with bplaced
-) said the php file is on the bplaced server
-) …

and you come with me: thought he meant the same webspace and came up with a link to php (file_get_contents)?

so: again for the new readers of the topic:
I'm trying to access another server (one.com) from a bplaced server using file_get_contents. the target file is a txt file with exactly the following content: 1.0.0 or later: 2.5.0 etc ...

from another server (dasreichderengel.com) it works, so the "problem" lies with bplaced, as michi7x7 has already posted (allow_url_fopen Off).

So my question is, is “file_get_contents” activated on the bplaced server? ... in a later episode - what alternatives are there ...

sorry michi, but unfortunately i can't do anything with your last post (local file system).
other people should use my cms and they should be automatically informed about a new version (read: if ($ settings ['cms-version ‘] <$ update_file) ...)
I really like bplaced and I don't want to say that my cms is not running on bplaced!

ask for alternatives