What keeps dogs from chewing

How to stop dogs from chewing destructively

Dogs just love to chew things. On the other hand, as dog owners, we don't want the dog to nibble on our shoes or other things. In this way, the dog school has a theme on "how to keep dogs from destructive chewing". Teaching your dog to stop chewing is critical to good behavior and care.
That way, there are some simple ways to deal with your pup's destructive chewing habits

Secure your home dog-proof

In How To Stop Dogs From Destructive Chewing, the first point is an honest tip for dog owners. No matter how much you love your fur friend, his destructive nature is unbearable. Most dogs and breeds of dogs are super active and aggressive chewers with a very destructive nature. Hence, regardless of the nature of your pup, you should make your home completely dog-safe. Whenever you're away from him, put him in the box. Or the other option is to keep all the soft things in the locks. However, the latter is difficult to do as he will find something to break anyway.

Keep him busy playing

Most dogs adopt the chewing habit when they are bored or lonely. Stress can be another cause of the puppy's aggressive crouching nature. To cope with these conditions, keep your dog engaged in some games or exercise. Take him for a walk or give him time when he's home. You'll notice a big change in chewing habits as you keep him busy with other things

Bring chew toys for him

There is also a wide variety of chew toys or bones on the market. To meet your pup's chewing needs, bring him some interesting toys. Most chew toys are made of rubber or nylon. On the other hand, some of the toys even offer the option of adding butter or food for healthy chewing. The chew toys will at least keep your belongings away from his attention

Use bad taste sprays

If the above mentioned ways don't work, then you can spray the stuff. There are some sprays available in the market that have a bad taste and smell that will appeal to your pup. The bad taste of the products allows your dog to control his chewing habits.

Be gentle

Here, too, in the last point of "How to Stop Dogs from Destructive Chewing", is a tip for you. Whenever you are keeping your fur friend from having a bad habit, use a gentle tone. That way, your dog won't panic and by feeling the energy he may stop chewing on the random stuff.