What is an administrative assistant

Administrative assistant

Job description
Administrative assistants take on the office work in the administration of large companies and institutions, e.g. B. in industrial companies, public administrations, hospitals, insurance companies, lawyers.

You do a wide variety of office work in the administration area: You are responsible for incoming and outgoing mail and write letters, reports and memos according to specifications or keywords, compile documentation and archive documents. They operate the office equipment, take phone calls, manage the office supplies and place the necessary orders. You maintain the customer and supplier files and take on work in payment transactions. You manage the appointments and prepare trips or events. The tasks vary, depending on the job, the size of the company and the branch.
Training as administrative assistant
a) 3 years of apprenticeship. The successful completion of the apprenticeship replaces the examination as an office clerk.
b) 4–5 years of training at a business school or business academy.
c) 4 years of training at a technical college for business professions.
d) 5 years of training at a higher education institution for economic professions.

Related: other professions in the commercial sector and in sales.
Good knowledge of the German language, ability to work in a team, perseverance, reliability, sense of responsibility.
Development opportunities
- Further education courses (bfi, WIFI, AK, adult education center, etc.).
- Between 2 and 4 part-time courses at a university of applied sciences / university Academic CSR manager, academic auditor, general manager with a focus on public management.
- 4 to 6 semesters of university or technical college studies in European Studies, in Public Management or in Personnel and Organizational Development.

Promotion: chief secretary, board secretary, executive secretary, office manager, department head.