Why does Hollywood promote homosexuality

The study results on the question of the upbringing (and adoption) of children with same-sex parents must be clearly put into perspective. Since 93 percent of the children and adolescents surveyed lived with lesbian women whose soft, few promiscuous and hardly pedophile homosexuality, which is significantly less associated with (fatal) venereal diseases, clearly differs from male homosexuality, this study must not be allowed to legalize the adoption of Children are used by homosexual men, as Mrs. Zypries unfortunately advocates against all scientific knowledge. Homosexual partnerships are mostly promiscuous.

Marcus found out as early as 1988 that less than five percent of the surveyed homosexual men could be classified as monogamous in their relationships. And not a single relationship remained monogamous for more than 60 months (Marcus, 1988). In fact, the likelihood of lifelong fidelity among homosexual men is tiny (4.5 percent), while it is between 75 and 90 percent for married couples. The figures show that even “binding” homosexual relationships have a fundamental incapacity for sexual fidelity and the commitment that is part of the self-image of marriage. A new study from Amsterdam (May 2003) shows that partnerships between homosexual men do not last longer than 1.5 years on average. Within these supposedly monogamous partnerships, according to the study, each partner has an average of twelve other sexual partners (eight sexual partners per year) during these 1.5 years.

David P. McWhirter and Andrew M. Mattison report in their study “The Male Couple” on 156 male couples who live in homosexual relationships. Only seven of these couples had a sexually exclusive relationship, and these seven couples had all been together for less than five years. . .

The Berlin researcher Michael Bochow collects scientific data on homosexual lifestyles at regular intervals on behalf of the Federal Center for Health Education. In his study from 2003 he came to the following results: Every second participant had a partner at the time of the survey, of which almost every second had additional sexual partners outside of the relationship. . . Homosexuals are often pedophiles. The pedophilia of homosexual men can be seen e.g. For example, in the following cases: In the case of sexual abuse with the criminal offense of producing / distributing pornographic writings among children under the age of six, 50 percent of the victims are boys (and thus the perpetrators are homosexual in approx. 50 percent of the cases). In the criminal offense “pimping people under the age of 18”, 74 percent of the victims are boys among the under six year olds, and well over 60 percent among the six to 17 year olds. In the sexual abuse of children under the age of 14, 24.6 percent of the victims are boys. It would be expected, however, that a maximum of three percent of pedophile abuse is perpetrated by homosexuals. In the criminal offense of “sexual abuse of young people” (ages 14 to 17), 32 percent of the victims are boys.

In one study, of 49 cases of teachers abusing schoolchildren, 33 percent were homosexual, about 15 times more likely to be responsible for sexual abuse than the incidence of homosexuals in the population suggests.

In a current study of primary pedophiles, Vogt reports that 85 percent of the 82 male participants examined showed an exclusive orientation towards boys (Neurotransmitter 5/2009, 65). In another study, 23 percent of homosexual men and 6 percent of lesbian women surveyed stated that they had had sexual intercourse with adolescents under the age of 16 (Jay and Young 1979). In contrast, only about one percent of heterosexuals are pedophiles.

According to an analysis of 19 individual studies, the probability of sexually abusing a child is twelve times higher among homosexuals than heterosexuals. It is even 16 times higher in bisexual people. . . which makes every right of adoption of children for homosexual men to a risk that must be avoided for the adopted boys! . . .
Michael Schröter-Kunhardt, Görresstrasse 81, 69126 Heidelberg
Study: Risk to the young

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