What do people build with Asanas API

Asana CEO and Co-Founder is Dustin Moskovitz, who released the software in collaboration with Justin Rosenstein in 2011. Moskowitz was also previously a Facebook co-founder. Asana is aimed at small and medium-sized companies with an agile corporate culture. With Rosenstein, this is even crucial for the successful use of the tool.

You can use special templates in Asana or build your own board to create drafts, plannings or verified actions for a project. Asana generally gives you templates for e.g. creative inquiries, marketing campaign plans, for planning your team goals or for introducing new employees. This saves you time and automates routine tasks. With Asana you have your most important tools at one button and you can always access your content from Slack, Google Drive, Outlook or Gmail.

You can see all tasks that have been assigned in your team, you can assign permissions or share content with employees. For individual further processing, you can share individual projects externally as CSV or JSON. The stable Rest API gives you access to all Asana data so that you can integrate it into other reporting tools and automate processes. For example, you can link GitHub commits to tasks to share the status quo of code changes in the team.

What does Asana cost?

Asana gives you the opportunity to get started with a free business trial for all price categories. As a basic user with up to 15 employees, you can generally access the most important functions in Asana free of charge. The premium plan is aimed at teams who need to create complex project plans. The "Business For Teams and Companies" tariff is suitable for you if you have to coordinate and manage several projects. "Enterprise For Companies" offers you all the features of the business version and an additional security upgrade, individual branding and priority customer support.