Why are north facing houses considered good

Optimal alignment of the house

South orientation as a central planning principle for energy-saving construction

If at all possible, your home should face south. This means that the large glazing should be provided to the south if possible. This is how you get the most solar profits.

A window that is oriented to the south gains more energy than is lost through the window during the heating season. The risk of overheating in summer is not as great as is often assumed, as the sun is very high in summer and therefore hits the south-facing windows very steeply. Furthermore, the windows can be shaded well in summer by a sufficient roof overhang.

The house should be closed to the north as much as possible.

During the heating season, there is no direct solar radiation on the windows, and the solar gains cannot compensate for the losses that arise. The insulating effect of a wall is still many times better than that of a window.

Orientation of the axes of the house

If the development plan for your property allows it, you should orient the roof ridge in an east-west direction. This makes it easier to orient the glazing to the south and enables the optimal alignment of a solar system.

Overheating due to poorly aligned glass surfaces

Even in the east or west, large glazings are not necessarily recommended as these glazings are to blame for overheating problems, especially in the transition period. The rays of the sun hit the glazing almost vertically in spring and late summer, and the radiation energy is still very high at this time. The afternoon sun in particular often causes major problems here, as the house can heat up a lot.