How can I get positive vibes

Be in good shape again in 60 seconds - is that possible?

Make yourself aware that you are the boss
Who decides what you think? You. And how you think determines how you feel. That means how you react emotionally to something is up to you. In other words, you have a choice about how you want to feel because you are in control of your thoughts.

How you see life, so it is - the power of metaphors
In your eyes, is life a fight or a gift, a game or a tightrope? How you see and describe your life determines how you feel.

Realize what you can be thankful for
The feeling of gratitude is a real feeling of power and it is so easy to generate. No matter what mood you are in, if you remind yourself of what you could be thankful for, then your mood will spontaneously brighten and improve.

Use your body language
You can change your feelings immediately if you change your body language. Your facial expressions, gestures and posture give you a direct line to your feelings. Use this opportunity to exert influence.

Ask yourself good mood questions
What we focus on in our minds determines how we feel. With the help of questions we can direct our thoughts to positive and positive things and make us feel so good. Here you will find 10 good-mood questions that will put you in a good mood right away.

Thoughts stop for negative thoughts
Annoying and recurring negative thoughts can be interrupted and tamed using the thought stop method.

The good mood vocabulary
Words are more than a string of letters. Words can trigger feelings of enthusiasm, love and hope in us, but of course also just the opposite. Here you will find out how you can positively influence your sensations by using the words correctly.

Good mood activities
There are a variety of activities that can instantly pull you out of a negative mood and create positive feelings in you. Make use of them. Here you will find 7 good-mood activities that immediately and sustainably ensure a good mood.

Take a vacation from your problems
Here's how you can alleviate your problems in just 3 minutes. A little imagination exercise for a mini vacation from your problems.

Neutralize negative feelings
Instead of trying to overcome negative feelings, it is easier to neutralize them with good feelings. How to do that is what this is all about.

  • What you think is what you are and what you feel.
  • What you are and feel, you radiate.
  • What you radiate, you attract.

Therefore, pay close attention to your thoughts. They are the seed from which the experiences of your life emerge.