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Theme: Sub 3: 20h with 3-4 training sessions a week feasible?

Ask around: Has anyone of you ever had experience with tempo change runs with MRI in the fast sections or a little faster? Hudson e.g. writes about it, Gabius had at least done a very tough TWL with WK pace components before his marathon.

I'm thinking about dealing with it in one of the upcoming preparations (= spring). From my point of view, the advantages are that, first of all, it is a new stimulus compared to classic EB, and it can also be built up nicely and systematically and both pace and scope vary. What I read most of the time were always 1km on / off portions. Tempo e.g. initially a little faster than MRI, pause relaxed, then MRI and the pause parts become faster.

In addition to the physiological background, I always find the psychological aspect important in such units, i.e. that you can systematically push yourself to new training achievements based on the concept. I could well imagine that with such a concept, but I would have little idea how much of it you can cope with in the concrete preparation and how you build it up.

I would now assume something like 3-4 TWL runs at most in the 12 weeks before, alternating with normal long runs or possibly build-up WK. The number of intervals increases towards the end and the pace develops as described.

Only a 40km TWL with MRT like Arne will probably not be tolerated here. Well, Steffen, Ethan and I maybe - once.