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When we start building their franchise systems with (future) franchisors, we usually start with an all-round check of the existing business concept. Our online manual is a helpful tool for recording the status quo. Step by step, we set the course for the new franchise system and the franchise manual is created “on the side”, so to speak. Experience has shown that our franchisor clients always ask the same questions before starting:

Do I have to write it all by myself?

No, you don't have to. We even recommend that you bring another person on boardso that you can hand in both the gathering of existing information and the writing of the content. Involving an employee (if available) has proven to be very effective in practice. This person acquires a lot of franchise know-how while working on the manual and could, for example, smoothly transition into the function of a license seller. Above all, you will then have someone in charge who will continue to maintain, update and optimize your franchise manual. It is also very suitable for this task the later franchise partner supervisor. He / she is in close contact with your franchise partners, hears questions that may not (yet) be answered in the manual and can get the answers directly from colleagues in the system headquarters.

Nevertheless, we are often asked whether we can simply provide our online tool and the manual menu structure? The budding franchisor would just like to write his manual himself. If you want to deal with the processes and your business model in depth in a first step, then start with our online video course "How do I write a franchise manual?". Which brings us to the next question

Online vs Offline?

In our many years of practice Writing online manuals has proven its worth. If you have a living manual with (explanatory) videos, meaningful images, a comment function and always up-to-date documents, then you should create it in an online tool. You can quickly change texts or update images. The users receive the latest changes in the manual by email and they have the option to save read confirmations and backups.

  • Make short meaningful videos for the description of processes. They are much more understandable than plain text, easy to update and time-saving for all pages.
  • Make sure that your manual is mobile-readyso that it can be viewed from any device.

Free live workshop: June 15, 2021, 9 a.m. - 10 a.m.
"How Do I Write a Living Franchise Manual?"

What do you actually need a manual for? What does it say and in what level of detail? Is there a recommendation for a menu structure? Who is writing all this and how do I start? What does it cost me to create a manual? Online or offline? We answer all these questions for the participants in our live workshopfree in about 45 minutes.


  1. Outsourcing
  • Depending on the scope, type and form of a manual, a franchisor must reckon with an investment of 8,000 to 15,000 euros if he completely outsources the creation (to professionals).
  1. Colleague
  • Calculate your wage costs for the 40-80 hours.
  1. Lawyer
  • A franchise lawyer costs from 280 EUR per hour and up. Above all, he will ask you the questions relevant to the contract. You still do not have a full-fledged franchise manual.
  1. In-house creation
  • Experience has shown that a manual for a newly started franchise system can be created in 40-80 hours. For your own creation, set your entrepreneur's hourly wages at this point.
  1. Online video course
  • For all of you Want to create a franchise manual on your own and would like to rely on professional support in the form of over 30 videos and extensive checklists, work materials, we have ours Online Video Course “How To Make A Living Franchise Handbook?" created.