What is Dave Bautista famous for?

Dave Bautista: "When I laugh, people laugh at me"

Hollywood star and ex-wrestler Dave Bautista doesn't mince his words. Even if there is a man hiding among the many muscles who also has delicate sides.

"Stuber - 5 Stars Undercover" tells the story of the docile Uber driver Stu (Kumail Najiani), whose perfect 5-star rating is in danger when the rabid cop Vic (Dave Bautista) takes him in the middle of a speedy chase after a brutal one Pulls killer into it. An action-packed comedy (release date: August 22nd), in which main actor Dave Bautista shows a lot of humor. The six-time wrestling world champion, who entered the ring under the battle name "Bautista", has been involved in Hollywood for a long time, but has so far been more for roles like that of Bond villain Mr. Hinx in "Specter" or "Drax the Destroyer" known in "Guardians of the Galaxy". Now the moviegoers experience him from a completely different side. "People always believe that my personality corresponds to that of my wrestling character, but that's not true," explains the 49-year-old in an interview in Los Angeles.

prisma: Dave Bautista, in "Stuber" you show your humorous side for the first time. Would you consider yourself funny?

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Dave Bautista: I want to say that I have a good sense of humor. But when I want to tell something funny or even crack a joke, I often come across as a bit dry and monotonous. I love humor and I laugh a lot too. And when I laugh, people laugh with me. But I think they do it because of my weird laugh and not because I'm funny (laughs).

prisma: What is the biggest prejudice people have of you?

Bautista: I think a lot of people think that my personality matches my wrestling character. But that's not true. For me, "Batista" was just another role.

prisma: In "Stuber - 5 Star Undercover", your Uber driver Stu doesn't want to put his 5-star rating at risk under any circumstances. What qualities do you have that would give you five stars?

Bautista: I don't know if I even have a quality that would give myself five stars. No, that's not right. I am a great host and love to invite family and friends to dinner.

prisma: So you are a 5-star chef?

Bautista: (laughs) I wouldn't necessarily say that now. I love to cook and my food is edible too, but I'm certainly not a gourmet cook. I am a great host for that. I always take good care of all guests. This is probably due to my Greek ancestry. I take the five stars for that (grins).

prisma: Your character Vic hides his gentle side behind his muscular and well-trained body. What about you?

Bautista: I'm the complete opposite. I always say exactly what I think. Even if I can't stand someone, that person notices it immediately - I can't and don't want to hide that.

prisma: Does that happen often?

Bautista: No. I always see the good in a person first. When I ban someone from my life, it is for a reason. And once I've made up my mind, there's no going back.

prisma: In "Stuber" your film daughter wants you to take more time for her. You have two daughters yourself ...

Bautista: I admit that at the beginning of my wrestling career I didn't have much time for anything else. I have also heard this accusation quite often from my daughters. But that doesn't mean I didn't care about her. On the contrary: I called her at least three or four times a day. Even if they didn't want to talk to me, I forced them to talk to them (laughs). Teenage girls don't want to talk to their dad, they want to talk to their mothers about boys, if at all. But I always insisted that they tell me what was happening in their life.

prisma: You turned 50 this year. What goal did you set yourself for it?

Bautista: I wanted to fight again at WrestleMania - I fulfilled that. But I also wanted to become a professional boxer, and unfortunately I couldn't do that anymore. Now I'm too old for that (laughs).

Bautista: Because I love it and would like to call myself a professional boxer.

prisma: Your face would then suffer with every fight ...

Bautista: Bingo! That is exactly the reason why I will forego this title. I fell in love with acting and will stay true to it for now!

Source: teleschau - the media service