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5 tips that will really make your move easier

Moving without stress is unfortunately just a pipe dream for many people. Instead, on the day of the move, we run around like a headless chicken and are overwhelmed by all the questions our movers ask us.

Where do these boxes go? What happens to the dresser? What color should the silicone be in the bathroom (yes, such decisions also have to be made)? Such questions make our stress level explode on moving day and can give us the rest. So that your move is as relaxed and efficient as possible, you should follow the following tips in advance.

# 1 Labeling and labeling

Many people write a keyword somewhere on the box and think that it will be enough to find everything again later. However, anyone who has moved before knows that this doesn't work. Firstly, writing on cardboard does not catch the eye and, secondly, the boxes are usually not packed so precisely that a single word captures the entire content.

Instead, you can stick colored dots or labels on each box. A color for every room. So you have marked the boxes and your helpers can bring them directly to the appropriate room. It is best to stick one of the colored stickers on the door frame in each room. Nobody loses track of which color now stands for which room. The adhesive labels should always be placed in the same place on the cardboard boxes. Then everyone can see at a glance where the box belongs.

Important: You should also note what is in the box under the adhesive label. Be specific here: Instead of just writing "Kitchen", write down the exact content such as "Pots, small kitchen utensils, mixer". The precise labeling makes it easier for you to put things away later and ultimately saves valuable time.

# 2 Sometimes smaller is better

When it comes to moving boxes, many small boxes are better than a few large ones. There is a tendency to always pack boxes full - regardless of their size. This can lead to the fact that you end up with extremely heavy moving boxes that you can no longer carry or can only carry with great effort.

As a guideline, a weight of 15 kg per box applies, at the latest at 20 kg should be the end. Otherwise the boxes will be too heavy for the helpers. After all, they don't just have to carry a box. Otherwise, depending on the quality of the box, the box could tear.

# 3 Pack light and heavy together

The way in which the boxes are packed is also important in order to avoid packing boxes that are too heavy. It is better not to combine the same and the same. If you pack too many books in one box, it will be too heavy to lift afterwards. The same goes for jeans, pots and other heavy objects. So rather mix light and heavy things in one box. Of course, the following applies: First pack the heavy things and then put the light ones on top.

# 4 use assembly services

Of course, nobody can make a move on their own. However, many moving companies do not want to hire them for cost reasons, so friends and family become the number one contact point. However, there is a third way that saves you a lot of work, but only causes low costs: Use the assembly service when ordering new furniture.

This means: the goods will be delivered on your desired date and then set up on site. You order online, you don't have to drag and don't lift a finger for assembly. This saves you and your helpers a lot of time and energy for a small price.

# 5 Draw a furniture plan

You will probably have to answer a thousand questions on the day of the move and things will still be done differently than you wanted. To save your helpers and you a few questions and misunderstandings, you can prepare a furniture plan for each room and attach it to the door (if available) or the door frame.

Simply draw the floor plan of the room including doors and windows and then draw in where the furniture should be. In this way, your helpers can see for themselves which wall the bed and closet should be on and start working independently. In the meantime, you can build up somewhere else and your move will work smoother and faster overall.

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