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Overview: The Four Best Free DJ Software | 2021

Getting started with DJing is usually associated with costs for hardware and software. If you choose the digital route, you can save money with the DJ software, because there are free DJ programs with which you can achieve decent results for the first steps. Some of these programs already offer features like those used by professionals.

The graphical structure is quite similar for most DJ software. There are two or more decks in which you can load and play your music, a mixer section with tone controls and of course a browser for navigating the music collection. In addition, it is usually possible to work with cue points, loops and effects. Below you will find our top four free DJ programs for Mac and PC with which you can get started with DJing.

DJ software: Mixxx 2.1

Mixxx is free as DJ software and has been on the market for a very long time. The Mixxx community is growing steadily and the developers are constantly working on improvements so that it is equipped with the latest features that are also used by professionals. Mixxx runs on Windows from XP, MAC OS 10.8 or higher or Linux Ubuntu from April 14th. Mixxx allows up to four decks to be played. There is also a sampler that can also be filled with up to 64 banks. The mixer section of the DJ software has virtual channel and crossfaders and a tone control. In addition to the standards such as cue points, loops and beat rolls, you can use a range of effects that can even be linked.

Mixxx has an extremely precise BPM detection that supports auto synchronization so that nothing goes wrong. Mixxx offers two highlights for free DJ software. On the one hand, there is a broadcast function with which you can broadcast your mix live on the Internet via Icecast or Shoutcast. On the other hand, Mixxx supports numerous MIDI controllers and can even be used with time code media from Serato, Traktor Scratch (MK1 version only) or Mixvibes. With the Mixxx download you also get four different skins with different layouts.

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DJ software: Virtual DJ 8 Home Free

Atomix Virtual DJ is used by all types of DJ around the world. Both beginners and professional DJs can be found among the users. With version 8, Virtual DJ has been completely re-coded to make it more stable, faster and smoother. Virtual DJ 8 Home Free is, as the name suggests, free for non-commercial use as DJ software and runs on Windows (from Windows 7) as well as Mac OS (from 10.7). For commercial use, the pro version of the program can either be used for a monthly fee of 19 euros or purchased once for 299 euros. The latter is a lifetime license. Virtual DJ is one of the most extensive DJ programs when it comes to features.

In addition to the standards of track control and track manipulation, in 4-deck mode you can use the DJ software with numerous DJ controllers or with virtual DJ time codes. The timecode is even offered as a free download. There are plenty of skins available for customizing the user interface. A sophisticated browser and a sampler complete the package. As an extension, there is also a remote app with which elements in the software can be controlled wirelessly. A broadcast function is also included so that you can stream your skills to the world. Virtiual DJ 8 offers even more functions that can be purchased as add-ons for a fee. So if you prefer to play digitally, you can either expand your horizons with video mixing or buy the karaoke feature for special occasions. Due to the very large German-speaking community, you can usually find help quickly in the Virtual DJ forum if you have any questions.

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DJ software: Mixvibes Cross Free

With Cross Free, the French software manufacturer Mixvibes offers a free DJ software that is equipped with all the basics to start playing digitally. With Cross Free it can be mixed over two decks. Cue points, loops and a small number of effects are available. The automatic BPM analysis also enables tracks to be auto-synchronized. Otherwise, of course, small pitch faders and pitch bend buttons are available to do the whole thing manually. The mixer section of the DJ software offers a 3-band EQ and bipolar filter per channel. In the lower area of ​​the graphical user interface you will find the browser section with which you can browse through the music collection and create playlists. A highlight here is the integration of Soundcloud. This allows Soundcloud tracks to be loaded into the decks and mixed.

If audio mixing is not enough for you, you can take your first steps into video mixing with Cross Free, because two video decks can be folded out above the audio decks, which in the free software always have a watermark on the main screen. Mixvibes Cross Free does not offer a recording function and only supports DJ controllers and the digital vinyl system (DVS) in the full version. Due to the severe trimming in the features, the user interface looks very tidy so that it is very easy to find your way around. In addition, Cross Free is very stable and is constantly updated. Cross Free runs on the PC under Windows 7 or higher and on the Mac from OS 10.6 or newer.

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DJ software: DigiJay

DigiJay is a free DJ software from a one-man software company from Austria, which is equipped with two decks and offers numerous features to get you started. The DJ program is only available for Windows and includes working with cue points, loops and a sampler. The tracks are displayed as superimposed waveforms with a zoom function. Manual pitching or autosync, DigiJay can do both and, thanks to the Beatgrids, delivers acceptable results. Unlike other DJ software, the mixer section only has a crossfader for crossfading. There are no channel faders and the 3-band EQ can only be controlled in the background by a MIDI controller. But you can draw the blend characteristics of the crossfader yourself.

DigiJay offers a learning function for using a MIDI controller. A special feature of DigiJay is that the decks can be assigned to different sound cards. The browser section offers extensive sorting options. For example, you can create filters and apply them to the title and artist as well as BPM, rating and other tags or create individual playlists. In addition to MP3, the DJ software can also read and play WMA, OGG, AIFF and WAV files. Anyone who has worked with Alcatech's BPM Studio in the past should be pleased that DigiJay is able to import the BPM Studio data.

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Of course, there are other DJ software that can be tested for free. Traktor Pro, Rekordbox, Ultramixer, PCDJ or DJ Mixer Pro, for example, can be downloaded free of charge as a test version with a time-limited usage period.