What is the worst hotel in Pamplona

Traveling alone in May 2015 for 1-3 days

Modernized - cold and impersonal - good location

Completely renovated - cold and impersonal - stylish is different. Room well equipped - bed excellent - closet much too small - no cosmetics storage space in the bathroom. Balcony not usable - construction work at full volume in the hotel across the street. Heavy humming noises at night from running machines on the construction site. Air conditioning also very noisy. Dining room in the back area is dark - waiting room atmosphere - you have to meander through the tables to get to the buffet and the coffee machine. For me as a "crutch runner" the horror. Help was not offered - also not with check-in and check-out with suitcases. This was even dismissed with an outrageous counter-question when I asked for help with the suitcases at the checkout - after all, I arrived without help (a taxi driver friend brought me upstairs.) Buffet food ok, but the worst buffet of a four-star hotel on the Playa - and I know quite a few. Service in the restaurant mediocre. Mostly French and English guests. Pool area etc. attractive and clean. Surrounded by surrounding hotels. No ocean view. 2. Line at Balneario 11. Perfect starting position. Bus stop less than 5 minutes away. Unfortunately, I can't recommend this hotel to others, I didn't feel well and also had my dinner out on the third evening. The main thing here is of course that I had a noisy "construction site room" that shouldn't have been offered because the hotel was anything but fully booked when I arrived

Transport links & excursion possibilities6.0
Shops in the area 6.0
Restaurants & bars nearby 6.0

Equipment of the room (TV, balcony, safe, etc.) 5.0
Cleanliness & change of linen 4.0

Reception, check-in & check-out 4.0
Foreign language skills of the staff 4.0
Friendliness & willingness to help 3.0
Competence (dealing with complaints) 4.0

Variety of food & drinks 4.0
Cleanliness in the restaurant & at the table 5.0
Atmosphere & furnishings 4.0
Taste & quality of the food & drinks 4.0

Disabled-friendly 3.0

Hotel stars are entitled
Hotel is worse than in the catalog description
Price-performance ratio: Rather bad
Information about the trip
Traveled as:Traveling alone
Children:No children
Duration:1-3 days in May 2015
Reason for travel:Others
Info about the evaluator
First name:Ramona