How do I have sex with a foreskin

Circumcision costs sex fun

GENT. Urologists working with Guy Bronselaer from Ghent University Hospital wanted to know how sensitive the penis reacts to erogenous irritation depending on whether a circumcision has been made or not.

To find out, they asked 1059 uncircumcised and 310 circumcised men (BJU Int 2013, online February 4).

Circumcised people have worse sex

Based on the generally correct assumption that people do not like to be examined by foreign scientists during sexual stimulation, the researchers chose the survey method via the Internet.

In order to attract interested parties to the project, medical students had previously randomly distributed flyers at Belgian train stations.

In a nutshell, the results of the investigation are: Circumcised people have worse sex. Each located on a five-point scale increasing in intensity, there were significant differences to the disadvantage of the circumcised men.

These concerned sexual pleasure (mean 3.7 versus 3.4) and orgasm intensity (3.4 versus 3.2) when the glans were irritated. Circumcised people felt more paresthesia and pain on the penis shaft; the average score was around 1.2 versus 1.05.

The differing excitability mainly affected the lateral and dorsal, and less so the ventral, area of ​​the penis, which loses the least of its material substance during circumcision.

Incidentally, those who were circumcised were worse off in adulthood than those who were operated on in childhood.

What's gone is gone

Looking at the design of the study, one might argue that the results initially concern Belgian train drivers who are internet savvy.

However, anatomy does not provide any reason to assume that the foreskins of men function significantly differently outside of this collective.

For this reason, according to information from Bronselaer and his colleagues from the Ghent University Hospital, the decision to have a normally grown foreskin shortened should be carefully considered - especially if there is no medical indication for it.

Because what is gone is gone, and the prepuce evidently plays no small role in the male sensation of pleasure.