What is MOS 90G

Complementary feed for cats

Valuable colostrum supports the body's immune system with the immunoglobulins and active nutrients it contains. Vitamin-rich brewer's yeast, prebiotic fibers such as MOS, FOS, flea seeds and beta-glucan promote digestive processes and resilient intestinal health. Particularly recommended as a cure for the stomach and intestines as well as to promote fitness and general well-being. With game meat - ideal for food-sensitive cats.

Approx. 180 tablets

Brewer's yeast, colostrum 10%, lignocellulose, game meat extract, calcium phosphate, pea protein, yeast extracted (MOS) 3%, gelatine, inulin from chicory root (FOS) 2.5%, bentonite, psyllium 1%, beta-glucan 1%, real vanilla

Analytical components:
Crude protein 45.7%
Crude fat 2.0%
Crude fiber 13.5%
Crude ash 23.5%
Calcium 1.9%
Phosphorus 2.0%
Taurine 5%

Additives / kg:
Taurine 50,000 mg
Feeding recommendation per day:

Cats up to 3 kg

2 tablets

Cats 4 to 7 kg

3 tablets

Cats from 8 kg

4 - 5 tablets

Please always provide enough fresh drinking water.

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