Why is Pakistan unsafe for tourism

Podcast # 4: Discover Pakistan with Malik - A journey through the undervalued country

In the fourth episode of the Loving Travel Podcast, we spoke to Malik about Pakistan as a travel destination. In this article I have summarized all the important information from the podcast for you.

Episode 4: A trip to Pakistan

Today we are drawn into the distance: to Pakistan! According to Lonely Planet, the country is one of the TOP 10 insider travel destinations, but the country has to contend with many prejudices. It has an incredible amount to offer, starting with lively cities, incredibly nice and open-minded people, miles of beaches, mountains like hardly any other country in the world, a rich culture and - of course - a large food scene.

Malik Hai tells us why you should put Pakistan on your bucket list, what makes Pakistan, what you should definitely see and what makes Pakistan. Not only is he a very personable person, whom I appreciate very much, he also knows the country very well. Malik is half-Pakistani and works from Germany to help children in Pakistan and has also married in Pakistan and is convinced that the country has the potential to become one of the most visited countries in the world.

Pakistan as a travel destination

Pakistan is the fifth largest country in the world when it comes to population and is located between India and Afghanistan. The most famous cities are Islamabad (the capital of Pakistan in the north), Karachi (south) and Lahore (east). Almost 2 million tourists a year now visit the country, which (like many other countries) is caught between the tension between conservative religious structures and the more western-oriented youth.

It's amazing what the phone and the internet have done there.

One of the questions you always ask yourself when traveling is whether the destination is safe. Nothing ever happened to Malik himself in Pakistan and he didn't feel unsafe either. It's not a safe country, but it's safe nonetheless. It always depends on the people and the area, but in which country is this not the case?

Tourists are ranked high in Pakistan. If you are traveling in northern Pakistan, the country will provide security for you.

In the end, Malik has a good tip: Stick to the customs of the country - for example, do not go to the beach in a bikini or drink in public.

Malik's Pakistan Tips

Of course, Malik still has some specific travel tips for Pakistan, which I will summarize for you very briefly and clearly:

  • In summer it gets very hot in Pakistan, which is why Malik would recommend the trip in September / October - however, in December it is still 20 degrees during the day!
  • Winter is wedding season in Pakistan - due to the hospitality here it can happen that you are spontaneously invited to a wedding: Don't miss it!
  • If you're open to it, couch surfing in Pakistan is a great place to stay. Because here couch surfing is actually only offered by the upper class. Many of the providers have their own companies and do not have to go to work every day so they can show you the area.
  • Be sure to visit the city of Karachi (Malik's favorite city in Pakistan): Here you can take a cool city tour (the only one in the whole country), go shopping and take a walk on the beach in the evening.

“I love Karachi. This city is so different "

  • Eat Pakistani Cuisine! It can also happen that you are invited to dinner by a family: "You can actually travel there without money because people always invite you".
  • Check out the old Mughal temples in Lahore!
  • It's a little cooler and more modern in the capital, Islamabad. From here you can also go up into the mountains!
  • Plan two to three weeks for your trip to Pakistan. If you only want to see one city, a week is of course enough, but several weeks are definitely great for an overview of the whole country.
  • In the country itself you can get around in trains or modern coaches - for 40 euros you can travel a good 1,800 kilometers in a coach, which is definitely cheaper than a plane. So you can also see more of the country.


The fact that Pakistan is definitely undervalued as a travel destination is my conclusion from our podcast about this country, which is more than just a stopover in front of the neighboring countries India and Nepal.

And here the mentioned book “Backpacking in Pakistan: Our journey through a hidden country (German)”:

To the book!

Do you have something exciting to tell that you experienced during your trip?

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