Is Xiaomi connected to Huawei

Transfer data from Huawei to Xiaomi - Here are the 2 easiest methods

The Xiaomi phone recently made a major update to the system. The system has been updated from MIUI 11 to MIUI 12. MIUI 12 outperforms its competitors in terms of privacy and security. It will show various application permissions, auto start and other issues so that it is the first time users will know how these background applications are slowing down your phone.

Have you bought a Xiaomi phone? And would you like to transfer data from your old cell phone such as Huawei to your Xiaomi? In this article, we are going to introduce you to 2 simple methods to help you Transfer data from Huawei to Xiaomi can.

Method 1: Transfer data from Huawei to Xiaomi directly with Aiseesoft MobieSync

Aiseesoft MobieSync is the data transfer software for Android / iOS device and Windows PC. This professional smartphone manager enables you to transfer various files such as photos, videos, music, contacts, etc. between devices and computers. With this software you can easily and quickly export your data from Android to Android directly. To transfer data from Huawei to Xiaomi, you should first download this software to your computer for free. Install it and run it right away.

Step 1: Connect Huawei and Xiaomi mobile phone with the software

Start the Aiseesoft MobieSync software. Connect your Huawei and Xiaomi phones to the computer using two USB cables. Tap the "MTP" or "Transfer Files" mode on the two phones and follow the steps in the software window to enable USB debugging. Tap “Trust” or “OK” on both phones when an “Allow USB Debugging” window appears. There is also an option "Install apps via USB" for Xiaomi phones, please enable it. After your two cell phones have been successfully connected, they will be displayed on the program interface.

Step 2: select Huawei data

In order to transfer the Huawei data to Xiaomi, you need to select your Huawei cell phone at the top of the software interface. Then select a data type such as Photos. All the photos and images in your Huawei phone will be displayed here. Then you can select the pictures you want to transfer or click on "Select all" to export all pictures to the Xiaomi phone.

Step 3: Transfer data from Huawei to Xiaomi

Click on the "Transfer to device" button at the top of the program interface and then on your Xiaomi mobile phone. Your selected pictures will be transferred from the Huawei phone to Xiaomi. In this way you can transport your data such as music, videos, contacts and messages from Huawei to Xiaomi.

Method 2: Transfer data from Huawei to Xiaomi using Aiseesoft FoneLab Android Data Backup & Restore

If you want to transfer Huawei data to Xiaomi phone, there is an easy and efficient method as well. You can back up Huawei with Aiseesoft FoneLab Android Data Backup & Restore and then restore the backup to Xiaomi. FoneLab Android Data Backup & Restore is a handy software for Windows and Mac. You can use it to backup your Android data and restore it to your phone. Follow the guide below to backup your Huawei data and bring it back to Xiaomi phone.

Step 1: Install FoneLab Android Data Backup & Restore

Download and install FoneLab Android Data Backup & Restore on your computer or Mac. Start Android Data Backup & Restore. "Android data backup" and "Android data recovery" are then displayed in the window.

Step 2: Connect the Huawei device to the computer

Connect your Huawei phone to your computer with a USB cable and click on "Android Data Backup". After recognizing your phone, the app will show you the data that you can back up. You can select all or part of the data.

Step 3: backup Huawei data

When you have made your choice, click on "Start" and select a location for the backup in order to back up your data from your Huawei. The process ends in a few minutes.

Step 4: restore Huawei data to Xiaomi

Connect your Xiaomi phone to your computer using a USB cable. Click on "Android Data Recovery". Select the Huawei backup and click "Start". You can preview your Huawei data here. Select the data that you want to restore. Then click "Restore to Device" to restore your Huawei data to Xiaomi.

FAQ - Transferring data from Huawei to Xiaomi

How to transfer all data from Huawei to Xiaomi?

From Android 4.0 you can transfer data from cell phone to cell phone via Bluetooth or NFC (with Android Beam). Android Q will no longer support the Android Beam function. With the help of cloud services or a Google account, data can also be transferred without any problems. We recommend that you use one of the alternatives mentioned above.

How can you transfer the apps to the new Xiaomi mobile phone?

Open the "Settings" app on your old Huawei mobile phone and select "Google" in the "Accounts & Synchronization" category. Here you can log in with a Google account and synchronize all the data you want, including apps and app data.

Can I install Aiseesoft MobieSync on my cell phone and transfer data?

Yes. You can download and install Aiseesoft MobieSync from Google Play. However, you need to install the APP on both of your cell phones with the same Wi-Fi. Then you can transfer your files like pictures and videos between Huawei and Xiaomi phones without a USB cable.


Above, we introduced you to two methods to transfer data from Huawei to Xiaomi. If you want to export the cell phone data directly, Aiseesoft MobieSync is a good choice. And you can also install this APP on cellphone and transfer your cellphone data without the help of a computer. If you want to create a Wiko backup and transfer Xiaomi pictures to PC, the MobieSync software can help you too.