Who is Bob Backlund

We've been given a lot at World Wrestling Entertainment. On days when creativity reached new lows, the wrestling community was shocked not only with mind-boggling gimmicks, surreal-looking storylines and idiotic constellations, but the sporting factor in the whole fairy tale was also put in the sand to such an extent that, from today's perspective, we too the necessary distance can actually only smile. This was not due to the protagonists' lack of sporting ability, but to the fact that the booking team thought that the story would not end in a normal fight, but in a so-called gimmick match with some absolutely great, extremely innovative idea, which should provide the framework for the final gibberish.
Such bold ideas gave rise to classics such as the ladder match, the Elimination Chamber or Hell in A Cell. In direct comparison with competitor World Championship Wrestling, the WWF was not doing so badly, after all, you could take advantage of the creativity lead created by debacles such as the Chamber of Horrors, Triple Cage or Absolutely Everything-on-a-Pole matches take a rest - although the absurdity of the Chamber of Horros was never achieved in McMahon Land, there were some great ideas here that came very close to the bullshit factor presented. The Federation was anything but a bullshit virgin, over the years it even developed into a real bullshit bitch and was hardly inferior to its colleagues from Turnerland.
This list is intended to represent the top 10 by far the most pathetic, stupid and absolutely absurd match ideas that the booking team of the World Wrestling Federation has put on paper and on screen over the past 15 years - the hit list of the "stupidest matches of the modern age" .

Survivor Series 1994
"Throw in the Towel Submission Match" for the WWF Championship
Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Mr. Bob Backlund

The story behind the fight is actually easy to tell: Bob Backlund, who recently did heel gymnastics at the time, wanted to own the big gold again, which he was able to call his own for a record four years from 1979 to 1983. Back then he was the multi-faceted Face, who was undoubtedly a great athlete, but didn't have much more show talent than Vera at noon. Backlund had to part with the belt and the big stage, because back then wanted to go in a direction in which the entertainment factor should clearly come to the fore. With Hulk Hogan the perfect successor was already ready - but at that time it made little sense to conquer Face Hogan the Face Backlund, so you had to switch a heel in between. This heel should then be the Iron Sheik, at the time hardly more than a midcarder. Backlund's title reign in this avoidable routine title defense ended with the legendary towel throw that made the Sheik champion.
But back to the 1994 scenario. Bret Hart was the champion and was in a bitter feud with his younger brother Owen. On the side he struggled with Backlund and so it came about that there should be a gimmick title match between the two in the Survivor Series. The feud did not get much attention, even the final match was only in the midcard of the series. The gimmick of the match was supposed to relive the 1983 scenario, because the winner was the one who could get each other's companion to throw in a towel. Backlund was accompanied in style by Owen Hart, with the British Bulldog at Bret's side. The ending looked like Bret was in the Chickenwing from Backlund, but Davey Boy didn't want to throw in the towel for the Hitman. Owen finally persuaded his mother to throw in the towel for the son and so Bob Backlund became WWF champion again 11 years after his title loss by towel - by towel. And the whole thing only to be destroyed by Diesel in eight seconds one day later and to pass the title on. So Bob was nothing more, yes, as an intermediate step for the belt. That, too, was somehow reminiscent of the winner of the 1983 towel-throwing scenario. Well, so be it.

No Way Out 2004
"Blindfold Match"
Jamie Noble vs. Nidia

Jake "the Snake" Roberts and Rick Martel once faced each other in a blindfold match - and as absurd as this match idea sounds, at that time the match actually knew how to create an unbelievable atmosphere and that at a WrestleMania. The joke in a blindfold match is that the two opponents cannot see each other because their heads have been wrapped in a black sack. As I said, it worked with Martel and Roberts, there was a clever story behind it and the two developed a tremendous tension in the course of the match.
In 2004 this gimmick match should celebrate its comeback - at least a little bit. Although the match between Jamie Noble and Nidia also ran under the banner of a "blindfold match", it was probably only remotely related to his template.
Because 1. There was no clever storyline behind the fight, but the usual wrestler-companion-quarrel story. 2. There were no big established stars of the league facing each other, but a neglected cruiserweight and his valet. 3. Yes, a man met a woman here and 4. Only Jamie Noble's head was covered, Nidia was given a clear view. Well, although they tried hard and wrote a storyline for her, according to which she was blind. But this was just as superfluous as the whole match, in which the two just shoved around and the decision ultimately came about when Noble removed the sack, located Nidia and then defeated her. Of course, the referee hadn't noticed.
The blindfold match at No Way Out 2004 didn't have anything that created a breathtaking atmosphere in the original. And to be honest - while researching this series, I saw this match at some point and thought, "Wow, actually, it really happened." - Displacement successful, hopefully it will work again.