What does chin chin mean in England

Jawline contouring

Optimize the jaw line with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid has been used in aesthetic medicine for many years. So far, women in particular have had deeper wrinkles filled with hyaluronic acid. A new trend is now expanding the spectrum of activity significantly:

The so-called Jawline contouring.

Jawline is simply the English expression for the lateral chin line, i.e. the area that visually separates the face from the neck. A treatment is equally useful for both sexes: women benefit from a narrowing effect on the face, men get a more masculine facial expression.

Acting masculine and masculine is for Menwho want to perform the treatment usually aim. A broad, defined jaw angle or a pronounced chin signal masculinity and assertiveness. But not everyone is blessed with distinctive facial features, so that many men try to make the face appear more distinctive, for example by shaving a visually perceptible jaw line. However, you can now save yourself this daily modeling and acquire more distinctive facial features in the long term.

If there is a desire on the male side for an even more distinctive male appearance, it may be advisable to combine the optimization of the jaw line with a treatment, i.e. an injection of the chin itself. A slightly prominent one chin often increases the male appearance enormously.

For Women The treatment is also ideal, as a defined chin line supports the youthful drawing of the face and the neck itself is separated from the face. This indication, in particular, is the most common reason for middle-aged and older people to have the treatment carried out, as the facial and neck contours often become blurred as the skin loses elasticity. With a contouring of the jawline, a youthful demarcation of the neck from the face can be achieved. In just a few minutes.

Treatment of the chin can also be useful for women in order to achieve a more feminine face shape. We know from a large number of sociological studies that an oval or heart-shaped face is perceived as more attractive than a round face or a face with a dull or “flat” chin. A slight emphasis on Chin tip can have an immensely enhancing effect on the overall appearance of the woman's face.

Course of treatment

After a detailed preliminary talk in which the individual wishes of the patient are discussed and objectives are discussed, the area to be treated is determined. In this indication, stronger hyaluronic acids are used in order to achieve striking external visibility. For example, hyaluronic acid, which is used for the lips, must not be used in this indication (much softer gels).

The treatment itself only takes a few minutes and the result can be seen immediately afterwards. There are usually no downtimes. Ideally, treated patients should sleep on their back for the first night after the treatment so that the hyaluronic acid gels that have been introduced can solidify and fix.

How long does the effect last?

The hyaluronic acids used today are extremely well tolerated and integrate into the skin in an optimal way. As a rule, the effect is clearly noticeable over many months, an average of 8-12 months. The body breaks down the hyaluronic acids introduced very slowly.

Since the body changes along with the skin and the bony substructure, a permanent substance would also not be desirable. The face changes over time, so each new treatment can be adapted to the current condition of the individual.

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