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Julia Korbik: "Oh Simone! Why we should rediscover Beauvoir"

Woman, writer, philosopher, feminist: in this book you get a new look at the icon of the women's movement Simone de Beauvoir. EMOTION spoke to the author of this book, Julia Korbik.

Ms. Korbik, a book about Simone de Beauvoir - why now?

Decades ago she tried to find answers to questions that many young people ask themselves today: How can I lead an authentic life? What does it mean to be truly free - especially as a woman?

You were looking for the person behind the myth. Who did you find?

A woman who wasn't straightforward; which wasn't always right - but, and that's what I love about her: She was self-critical and willing to admit mistakes and learn from them.

What did you learn from her?

That you have to work to make your dreams come true. That if you want to be a writer you have to sit down every day to write. That one should question general rules and norms. And that equality has to be fought for and does not just happen.

Your favorite quote?

"Wanting to be free means that others are also free."

"Oh Simone! Why we should rediscover Beauvoir", Julia Korbik, rowohlt, 12.99 euros.

Image: Rowohlt Paperback