Why don't Europeans like to play basketball?

Is basketball the right sport for me?

Since Dirk Nowitzki at the latest, we have known that basketball belongs not only to the USA, but also to Europe. And Europeans can become extremely good and successful with this sport. Many ask themselves whether they should not even decide for the power sport themselves. We at Groundhooping want to give you some guidance and tell you what you should consider when making a decision.

The most common question is: Am I too young to play basketball?

Admittedly, 3.05 meters of the basket height is quite high. Especially if you are closer to the ground yourself. Common sense already says that a 2-meter man simply gets closer to the basket than a 1.40 woman who is perhaps still very overweight. But since when have true athletes been kept from such facts from achieving their goals? It is already dawning on you: The smaller person has to jump higher, sprint faster or compensate for the small deficit with brains, i.e. good game tactics, or with a damn good throwing technique. True greatness comes from within, and that actually also applies to basketball. Anything goes with motivation. The motivation is the fun of the thing and the ambition that you need in every sport. If the woman in the example has the appropriate mindset and the will, she could prove it to her huge opponents.

Next question: isn't basketball too dangerous?

The shocking truth: Yes, there is a risk of injury lurking in basketball, that cannot be denied. When well-trained bodies start sprinting, and that in a comparatively small space, a collision hurts even while watching. In basketball, it really comes down to speed, i.e. the combination of strength and speed. If you don't warm up thoroughly, you could suffer a painful torn muscle fiber. But to be honest: There are more than 450 million active basketball players worldwide, if not more. And should we tell you something? Most survive. We also know this amazing phenomenon from football with all the specific injuries (keyword: cruciate ligament!) Or from tennis (arm!). Every discipline has its typical sports injuries. In basketball, it is often the ankles, hands or knees. If you play basketball in a club, however, you will learn all the techniques and will be urged again and again to give warming up and cooling down the highest priority. Then the worst dangers are already averted, which of course does not mean that playing basketball is risk-free.

Another question: is basketball an expensive sport?

That would give us an advantage in this sport. It is actually rather inexpensive. Just think of the hobby gamers in the ghettos that you've probably seen on television before! Basket (doesn't have to be if you play in a public square or in a sports club), loose sportswear (jersey and shorts) and maybe a face mask and good basketball shoes, that's it. In addition, there are the association fees, which are almost everywhere within bearable limits. Don't get me wrong, of course you can also spend a lot of money on basketball, just for the shoes. But especially at the beginning there are also some from the low or medium price segment. Instead of the jersey, you can also use a normal, comfortable shirt at the beginning. However, buying a professional jersey shirt is an investment that pays off. It is much more comfortable to wear when you work up a sweat. And you will, I promise!

And now? Has the decision been made?

Either way, there is nothing to prevent the decision to play basketball on the knee. Most clubs like to see you first want to take part in a free training session. Then you see further!

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