What kind of craft do you do regularly?

Pipeline builder

You also do a bend

Pipes look ugly on the streets - that's why you first dig a so-called pipe trench in the ground. You then secure it so that nobody falls into it. Next, lower the pipe parts you need. Mostly you use standard pipes of the right size - but if you need special parts such as branches or bends, you can make them yourself in your workshop. In the construction pit, you connect the pipe parts to form a resilient and leak-proof pipe - the pipe has to withstand very high pressure in some cases. Depending on the material, you weld, glue or screw the individual pieces and install branches, gate valves and measuring devices. Then you check whether the pipe is really tight and close the pipe trench again. You will also take on repair and maintenance work on pipes and, for example, repair broken pipes.

You don't have a long line
As a pipeline builder, you mainly work for civil engineering companies, for example pipeline companies, or in hydraulic engineering and well construction. In order to work, you need three characteristics above all: diligence, flexibility and prudence. You have to work carefully so that the pipes you have built are really completely leak-proof. You have to be flexible because you will be working on different construction sites. And you should be careful not to endanger passers-by, colleagues or yourself. If you also have knowledge of mathematics, physics as well as works and technology, you are the perfect pipeline constructor.