What is strength training



Power in sport is the ability to overcome or counteract external resistance.

Types of force

Maximum strength

The maximum force represents the highest possible force that the nerve-muscle system can exert at maximum tension. (Ex .: weightlifting)

Speed ​​power

Speed ​​strength includes the ability of the nerve-muscle system to move the body, parts of the body (e.g. arms, legs) or objects (e.g. balls, bullets, spears, ...) at maximum speed.

Strength endurance

Strength endurance is the fatigue resistance of the muscle during long-term strength performance.

Effects of strength training

  • Maintaining or increasing physical performance
  • Posture improvement
  • Increase in general well-being
  • Injury prophylaxis
  • Compensation of muscular imbalances
  • Due to the increase in muscle mass, the energy consumption in everyday life also increases (muscles also consume energy at rest)


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Medicine ball

Today, the medicine ball is only rarely used, wrongly. A correctly performed medicine ball training is still a very efficient stability training and effective endurance training for the whole body! more..!

Sling training

Sling training is a very effective whole body workout. more..!

Balance board

The strength exercises on the balance board receive an additional training stimulus due to the unstable surface. more..!

Park bench

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Strength training

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Tension exercises

Tension exercises are exercises in which the muscles are tensed isometrically so that the joints are fixed, mostly in order to achieve the most stretched posture possible .. more ..!


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Functional training

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Training diary

Record your training in the Excel training diary. The diary is particularly suitable for athletes who practice different sports. more..!

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