Game development requires math

What does a game developer do?

Game development has many areas in which you can become an expert. In addition to programming the game specifications from game design, you can for example Play tester or, as already mentioned, Engine developer by building the exact engine for the dev team with which the planned game can best be realized.

Speaking of engines: Many companies are explicitly looking for game developers for a certain engine - the one that is used there. The best thing to do is look at all the frameworks and specialize early on in the development environment that suits you best.

Also as Data scientistyou can gain a foothold in the games industry. You support game development by Algorithms and models develop or examine and visualize data. For this you should be fit in statistics and Machine learning be.

As Graphics programmer you can develop the graphics engine for a game. As part of the game engine, it is responsible for the visual representation and implementation of the game. For the creation of Virtual reality the 3D engine is standard. Here are techniques like 3D rendering of importance to a stunning User experience to create.

In order for online players to be able to interact with one another, it is necessary Network programmer. Your programs, which can be executed by several computers at the same time, ensure countless hours of collaborative immersion in virtual worlds. Here you should be fit in the logs TCP and UDP be.

When it comes to specialization, don't forget: the game itself! This is how you can become an expert in Browser or mobile games, Console games, Arcade games and much more:

  • Adventure Games and action adventures
  • Arcade and retro games, e.g. Jump 'n' Run, Beat Them Up, Racer or games of skill
  • Management games and simulations, from virtual farming to running hospitals, football clubs and zoos
  • Role play and MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games)
  • Shooter - whether ego, third person or tactics - the most popular and most discussed genre in the game industry
  • Sports games with a digital counterpart for every imaginable sport, from the minimalist video game classic Pong to the high-tech of Wii and Kinect
  • Round-based or realtime Strategy games, this also includes the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) Games