Why do professors give lectures

Online lectures: what should professors consider?

That Video lectures is already established practice at many universities in Germany.

Several hundred German online lectures are now also digital freely accessible to everyone.

And at the international level, the open lectures at MIT in Boston, for example, are world-famous.

Online lectures as a start into digitally supported teaching

About an increasing Digitization of teaching is currently being discussed intensively. In particular specially produced online courses (MOOCs, massive open online courses) are being created by more and more universities. In MOOCs, the learner can acquire knowledge interactively and also take electronic exams in order to receive a certificate.

Online lectures (i.e. the video recording of the live lecture) are much easier and cheaper to create in practice. For many professors and universities this can therefore be a appropriate first step to support their teaching digitally.

A guide for professors and lecturers

But what should professors and Note lecturersbefore deciding to record? Should lectures be made available digitally at all? And what examples are there already for professionally created lecture videos?

Supported by the feedback of various experts from the field at universities, we have a short one Guide for professors and lecturers created: