Can you swim inside during a thunderstorm?

Thunderstorms over Germany: Storm myths in the check - is it safe in the car?

Don't Believe Every Internet Hype!

Don't put it directly under a tree!

Thunderstorms will also accompany us on the weekend and in the next week. After the quiet Sunday we still have to calculate lightning bolts up to and including Wednesday. Not infrequently they mean danger to life and limb. That is why it is important to observe a few rules of conduct. You can make the difference between life and death when in doubt, but in any case you minimize the risk of being struck by lightning. In the video, weather expert Bernd Fuchs explains what is wrong or right.

Showering during thunderstorms: is it dangerous?

In general, you can shower or bathe if there is a lightning rod on the house. But it can be missing, especially abroad. So it is better to wait for the thunderstorm there and under no circumstances touch pipes that lead from the outside into the interior. The metal garden shower is of course completely taboo! Blitz likes to grab them.

So it goes with the storms

Am I protected from thunderstorms in the car?

Yes, cars reliably protect against lightning. Cars and trains are basically Faraday cages. They are made of metal, but do not divert the lightning energy to the inside, but to the outside. Provided the windows are closed.

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What can I do if I am surprised by a thunderstorm while walking?

You don't have to be struck by lightning to be in danger. Even if the lightning strikes nearby (even 30 meters are still very close!), You are in danger. The electric field spreads in a circle around the point of impact and can seriously injure you. The best protection: Feet together and crouch down!

The saying: "Oak soft, beech looking for" is absolute nonsense. Never stand under a tree, be it oak or beech. There should be at least ten meters between you and a tree. Lightning always strikes the tallest objects or buildings. You should therefore keep your distance from towers, power poles, lanterns, traffic light poles and the like.

Also You should avoid mountains or hills, find a hollow and kneel or crouch down so that the lightning strike is as small as possible. Protect your head with your hands. But do not lie down under any circumstances, this will make the target area larger again. The smaller you make yourself, the faster lightning will shoot through your body. That increases the chances of survival.

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What should i do if i am caught in a thunderstorm while swimming or in a boat?

There is great danger in and on the water, as you represent the highest point there that lightning would strike immediately. Water transmits lightning. Get out of the water immediately, or steer the boat back to the bank and leave it as quickly as possible.

Should I open my umbrella or let it open?

Even if you get wet: it is better not to use an umbrella during a thunderstorm. The screen protrudes from levels, making it a potential target for lightning.

What should I do if I'm on my bike or motorcycle and the thunderstorm sets in?

Stop immediately, get off and walk at least five meters from your vehicle. Believing that because the tires are made of rubber you are safe is mistaken. A lightning bolt that strikes a kilometer of air does not stop at a few millimeters of rubber.

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To phone? Yes or no?

Calling on your cell phone is perfectly OK. But if you still use cable to make calls at home, it is better not to make or receive calls.

Can a thunderstorm be observed through an open window?

It doesn't matter whether you watch the force of nature through an open or closed window. It is completely harmless. In wind and heavy rain or hail, the windows should be closed in any case.

This is how you can tell that a thunderstorm is dangerous

To know how close the thunderstorm is, you can measure the time between lightning and thunder. Since the sound travels more slowly in the air, we only hear the thunder after the lightning. If the distance is ten seconds or less, the thunderstorm is very close and the risk of lightning strikes in the immediate vicinity is very high - it is life-threatening!