What did Lord Krishna say about love?


In Sri Brindavan Dhama, where Murali Krishna still roams around holy Kunj and other places today, people sing of His name with "Radhe Shyam" or "Radhe Krishna" in such a sweet melody that even the stony hearts of complete materialists, staunch scientists, Communists and atheists are melted down. In Ayodhya you can hear the sweet nightingale sound of "Sita Ram". These mantras are full of mysterious power.

In these two combined names "Radhe Shyam" and "Sita Ram" Radha or Sita is mentioned first. Radha tells the Bhaktas, “If you remember Me, I will bring you to your Father Krishna and you will attain peace, knowledge and immortality. There is a lot of philosophy in the word “Radha”. Imagine that there is a circle on a blackboard in front of you. The letters "R - A - DH - A" are written in this circle.

If you read the name of the last "a" you get the word Aradha, i.e. Aradhya. That means worship. Radha says, “Oh Bhaktas, my beloved children, when you perform Aradhana on Krishna, when you chant His Name“ Radhe Shyam ”or“ Radhe Krishna ”with devotion, love and feeling (Bhava, Prem and Sraddha), you will quickly become His Receive darshan and put an end to all your worries. "

If you read the letters from the first "a", you get the word Adhara, which means something like support, support or base. Radha says, “Oh Bhaktas! If you worship Krishna with the bhava, that He is the basis and the carrier of the universe, He will soon free you from samsara, the cycle of birth and death. "

Now read from "dha" and you will get the word Dhara. That means flow. Radha says, “I will tell you how to worship Krishna. Bhakti (devotion) should flow from your heart like Dhara, like the steady stream of oil or water (Tailadharavat) when poured from one jug into another. Your mind should be constantly focused on the lotus feet of God (Ananya Cheta, thinking of nothing else; Satatam, always). Only then will you gain mukti or liberation. Only then will you feel the everlasting presence of God. ”Here Radha gives a description of Para Bhakti (the highest form of devotion).

You now have the magical words Radha, Aradhana, Adhara and Dhara. If you keep these four words in mind, they will help you develop bhakti.

If you worship Krishna with the bhava that He is the support of this universe, that is Tadasraya Bhakti. Just as the lotus flower or the swan depend on water for the maintenance of their life, so the devotee depends on Krishna for the maintenance of his life. He feels that Krishna is his Prananath or Prana Vallabha.

Next comes Tadrupa Bhakti. Just as a fish lives deeply submerged in water and cannot survive when taken out of the water, so the bhakta is deeply immersed in God through intense aradhana. He cannot be without Him for a second. This is Saroopya Mukti.

The third stage is Tanmaya Bhakti. Just as camphor becomes one with fire when it is burned, so too does the devotee become one with God. The meditator and the object of meditation, the thinker and the thought, Upasaka and Upasya are one and the same. This is Sayujya Mukti. At the beginning the ignorant admirer says: “Tasaivaham. I am His. ”When he advances in bhakti, he says,“ Tawaivaham. I am yours. "When he develops Tanmaya Bhakti, he exclaims with ecstatic joy and supreme bliss:" Twamevaham. I am you."

The gopis who sought Krishna in the groves of Brindavan eventually became Krishna themselves when they developed tanmaya bhakti, like the analogy of the wasp and the caterpillar.