How do I make a wish list

Create a wish list

Create a wish list to keep track of items you want to buy later.

To create a wish list:

  1. Go to Account and lists and choose Your lists out.
  2. Choose Create a list and paste in a list name.
  3. click on create a list.
  4. Select the menu with the three dots and Manage list to update your shipping address and other settings.
  5. Choose save Changes out.

    You can repeat this process and create an unlimited number of lists.

You can select the option on any item's product page On the list choose.


  • Only list owners can make changes to lists.
  • Donors only see the name, place of residence and state of your address.
  • We only use your birthday for birthday reminders and to provide information on the website.
  • You can update your information at any time.
  • Items will be added to your default list when you On the list choose. For more information, see Editing Items on Your List.
  • Both list owners and invitees can add items to lists.
  • You can add items listed for sale by Amazon to your list. The following exceptions apply:
    • Books out of print
    • Out of stock products
    • Article without a publication date
    • Item with quantity restrictions
  • You can add items from sellers to your list. We show the option on the product page View purchase options instead of In the shopping trolley as the item in question may no longer be available later.