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Association: - general situation, grounding. Question: - How well am I connected to the world?


Shoe can embody a point of view or the firm footing on the ground of reality - especially with women it often also expresses sexual needs. The following circumstances can facilitate the exact interpretation:
  • Walking in shoes announces a lot of time invested in something that is not very worthwhile.
  • Nice, comfortable shoes represent success, worn out shoes represent failure.
  • If you lose a shoe, you might make an interesting acquaintance.
  • Buying shoes warns of empty promises made by others who cannot be trusted.
  • Wooden shoes are meant to indicate business problems.
  • Brown shoes promise a favorable turn on an important matter.


The shoe is a dream symbol for the emotional or spiritual attitude, the location of the dreaming. As in reality, shoes reveal a lot about their owner in dreams, so when interpreting dreams, their color, condition and purpose must always be taken into account. However, it can also be that the shoe wants to show in the dream whether the dreaming is a person who has taken off their children's shoes, who is under the slipper or whether in the extreme case it is a shoe fetishist who is in the shoe Looks substitute for the female genitalia. Very high-heeled shoes or boots can indicate masochism. According to Freudians, slipping into the shoe means the sexual act, the desire to become intimate with a person. In fact, many dreams about shoes indicate a love experience to come. Mostly, however, shoes describe the mental or emotional position of the dreamer in the waking life. If the shoe pinches him because he doesn't fit, something oppressive is on his mind, he might want to slip into a different skin. In this case one should try to adapt better in waking life - because what we long for seems to be a size too big (or too small) for us. If the shoes are comfortable, we can be very satisfied with ourselves and our actions, and everything will almost go by itself. Shoes in need of repair indicate a character weakness that we have known for a long time and that we have just not taken sufficient action against. Not being able to find his shoes shows a lack of propriety, - the dreaming is aware of his inappropriate behavior.



  • see or have: be on the right way,
  • see as a couple: you will go on the journey,
  • new ones: successful appearance,
  • yellow ones: one laughs at you,
  • black ones: one wants to make a check,
  • white: Wedding and child baptism,
  • from lacquer: you go to a wedding,
  • from rubber: you go to a secret love adventure,
  • too close: get into oppressive relations,
  • buy, in general: you still have a long way before you,
  • buy useless ones: one will easily deceive you,
  • Buy hiking shoes: you have a big hike before,
  • let measure: you have to adjust to your income,
  • see worn-out shoes at themselves or others: one will have to apply a lot of care to straighten out a thing again,
  • attract: you are enterprising and have success,
  • move out: your effort was unsuccessful,
  • give: a daring company! (because the recipient could move away from us, or you want to get rid of him)
  • give away: you give up a good thing prematurely,
  • lose: a loss will grieve you,
  • patch: Poverty,
  • carry out of wood: your coarseness and presumption brings you disadvantages,
  • see from wood: unpleasant influences cannot influence you,
  • damp shoes: illness in the suit, be careful!


  • If one dreams, he is wearing new shoes, anxiety and shackles will wait for him, - someone who languishes in shackles takes off his shoes, he gets rid of the shackles, - who is beset by misery and worries, will shake them off.
  • If one thinks that his usual shoes are torn open, his servants will become weak and sick, if he has none, the corresponding applies to his hopes and his trade, - if his shoes are burned, he will be robbed of his servants by the sovereign.


  • clearly female sexual symbol,
  • see: in the next time one will have a lot of running around,
  • see new shoes: are an omen for advantageous changes,
  • Buy shoes for others: promises are made to one,
  • Buy shoes for oneself: one still has a long way to go to reach the goal, - also: promises of other are not kept,
  • attract new ones: means luck,
  • put on new comfortable shoes and wear: if a successful walk,
  • get new and suitable ones given: if loyal and reliable servants or also recognition and help,
  • give to someone: either one wants to get rid of this person, or he will soon remove himself from one,
  • own broken and dirty: one makes enemies through insensitive criticism,
  • see worn ones: one will have to proceed very carefully in order to clear up a very unpleasant matter again, - one is by no means satisfied with the instantaneous situation anyway,
  • old torn ones attract and carry: if an unsuccessful course announces,
  • one too close: points to an arduous or difficult course, - see oneself exposed to unpleasant jokes of the comrades,
  • not bound: it comes to losses, quarrel and illness,
  • mend: Losses,
  • even blackened ones have: stands for an improvement in the shops, - important events satisfy one,
  • are stolen to one at night, but still own stockings: it threatens loss, but also a compensating profit waits,
  • lose: Fights,
  • find a lost one: one will make an acquaintance,
  • the lost one is good and undamaged: from an acquaintance becomes a good comradeship or partnership,
  • is the lost old or torn: one will experience little joy in a made acquaintance,
  • find an ownerless one: one will soon make the acquaintance of a strange person,
  • A young woman who experiences admiration in a dream because of the shoes on her feet should be careful and not allow new acquaintances, especially men, to approach her in a familiar manner.


  • from wood: you will lose customers of your business,
  • buy (health shoes): your feet are not healthy,
  • (Hiking shoes) buy: you will start a journey,
  • see new ones: good times,
  • attract new ones: you will experience the unpleasant, - your progress is made difficult,
  • old one: you will get into big difficulties through a friend,
  • brown ones: everything will turn to the good,
  • black ones: don't believe the other everything,
  • collect: think also of the other,
  • many see: you are involved in a process,
  • from straw: be careful, one wants to cheat you, - beware of usurers,
  • torn ones: you will find out resetting,
  • clean: you will enjoy respect and love,
  • mend: peaceful existence,
  • lose: significant loss,
  • give away: you do good works,
  • be measured: your company is good.
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