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Corona warning app does not work? Solutions and tips for problems

Now the time has come. The official Corona warning app was published in Germany. The rush is already high shortly after the release. As with all devices and apps, it can happen with some mobile phones that the Corona warning app does not work or does not want to be installed.

We will help you to identify problems and introduce you to some solutions if the Corona warning app does not start for you. The app can be downloaded and used free of charge.

"Corona warning app does not work": This is behind the messages

As BILD reports, the Corona app is said to have been "broken" for weeks. Numerous users of Android phones were affected. The app itself worked, but no notifications about a contact warning were played. Only after opening the app were endangered users notified of recent contact with someone infected with corona. So anyone who opened the app regularly was not affected by the problem. The problem is said to have been fixed with the update from last Wednesday. The error was caused by a typical Android setting. This setting turns off background updates for apps to limit battery consumption. If you have an Android mobile phone, check whether the following setting is active on you:

  1. Open the Corona warning app.
  2. In the top right, tap the three points.
  3. Call the Settings on.
  4. Choose the option Prioritized background activity out.
  5. Activate the setting with the slider.
  6. To switch the setting off again, switch to the device settings using the blue button below.

Corona warning app: download links

Make sure you download the correct app. Since the application is still new, it may not yet be found in the top lists of the app stores and also cannot be found directly via the search function due to the many similarly named applications. Here you can find the download links for the official Corona warning app for Android and iPhone:

Download for Android from the Google Play Store:

Download for iPhone:

The official title of the application is "Corona Warning App Germany". Pay attention to this during the installation Robert Koch Institute as a developer. If you have already installed another app with a similar name, delete the application again.

Corona warning app cannot be installed?

Technically, at least with an Android phone, you don't need a high-end device to install the app. At least Android 6.0 is required. IOS 13.5 is required for the iPhone. The operating system version is available on all iPhones from the iPhone 6S and iPhone 5S Plus. Older iPhones such as the iPhone 6, however, are no longer equipped with iOS 13.

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If you use several cell phones, the application should also be installed on all cell phones. A synchronization and transfer of data between different devices is not intended. The app is available to German users with a Google account registered in Germany. The app cannot currently be downloaded abroad. The Corona Warning app is also currently not available for users in Germany who use their device with a Google account from abroad.

Corona app: "ENErrorDomain error" on iPhones

Within a few days, the Corona warning app was installed millions of times on cell phones in Germany. All in all, the app makes a very stable impression, only a few users complain of problems with use. After a few days, the error message "ENError-Domain-Fehler" with the digits 5, 11 or 13 appears on some smartphones.

Only iPhones are affected by this error message. The problem occurs immediately after opening the app when trying to update the app data. Most of the time, the app ran flawlessly for several days before the "ENErrorDomain" error occurred.

The error messages "EnErrorDomain-Fehler 5/11/13" appear mainly on iPhones with iOS 13.5.1.

The functionality of the app should not be affected by the error message. Even if the update is not displayed correctly, the contacts should continue to be recorded. There is currently no solution to the problem. In some cases restarting the iPhone will help. For some users, the app continues to run flawlessly on the day after the message appeared. Both the developers of the Corona warning app and Apple are already informed about the bug. An update is currently being prepared and should be released soon with iOS 13.6. to be published.

What about Huawei phones?

In the current version, the app accesses the Google Play services. However, the new Huawei phones work without Google services. It is currently not possible to install the Corona warning app with the Huawei P40 or Huawei Mate 30. Huawei is already working on its own solution to provide its own interface with the update of the HMS Core Contact Shield. It is currently unknown when the update will be released.

Access to location services?

In order to determine a possible encounter with a COVID-19 infected person, the app accesses the Bluetooth signal of your mobile phone. Bluetooth must therefore be activated in the settings. GPS is not used, but you should have activated location services on Android. The approval is required for technical reasons for the Bluetooth positioning. As can be seen from the source code, the location itself is not queried. Location sharing and Bluetooth run separately on iOS, so additional access is not required.

How is the battery consumption?

The setup is very simple. After downloading and installing, read the detailed data protection declaration. If this is accepted, you activate the actual function of the app. The app exchanges encrypted numerical codes with other devices in the vicinity via Bluetooth.

A concern that is often mentioned is a possible increased battery consumption when using the app. The application uses the battery-saving "Bluetooth Low Energy" system. The developers promise to keep an eye on battery consumption and may want to revise the application in the coming weeks in order to run on the cell phone with as little energy as possible. If the app is running in the background, consumption should be negligible. The coming days will provide better information about the actual battery consumption. We'll show you how to save electricity with your mobile phone.

Corona warning app: Error communicating with Google API (17)

In the network, some users report a "Error communicating with Google API (17) ". There may be a problem with the cooperation with the Google Play services. If you have a rooted device, check that the Google Play services are properly set up and up to date. Sometimes it helps to clear the Google Play services cache first and then reinstall the application. If you install the APK version of the app, you should make sure that the language version matches the country settings of your Google account. In the Google Play settings you should add Germany as a country in order to be able to use the German Corona warning app.

If the app does not start on you, check the settings app on your mobile phone. Go to the section Google. Here should be the entry above Notification of possible encounters with COVID-19 infected people are available.

Many users report to the developer portal with the error message "Error communicating with Google API (17)". The English-language version is shown here instead of the message mentioned above COVID-19 Exposure Notifications On / 1app. Several users were able to fix the problem as follows:

  1. Clear cache and data of the Google Play Store and Google Play Services.
  2. Switch WLAN and Bluetooth off and on again.
  3. Restart your smartphone.
  4. Wait at least five minutes.
  5. Start the Corona warning app.

Some users report that they even had to wait up to an hour for the problem to be resolved.

Contact notification region changed

IPhone users also have their own error message. When using the app, the information region for contact messages appears changed: COVID-19 contact messages may not be supported by "Corona-Warn" in this region. You should confirm which app you are using in "Settings". " Unlike the Android message mentioned above, this message usually does not cause any problems when using the app. So you can ignore the message. To make sure everything is working properly, open the section privacy in the iOS settings and control the section Health at. The corresponding setting should be activated here.

Can't you take screenshots?

You may want to send a screenshot to others about the app via your social media channels. However, the screenshot function has been deactivated for the app for data protection reasons. So it is not possible to take screen recordings.

Elsewhere we will help you when the message An error occurred while parsing the package shows up.

Does the app work for you? Or are there problems or crashes or does the application not even install on you?

Original article dated June 16, 2020, last updated on July 24, 2020