Where do people say hello unironically

Nice that you found me! You already know my name, my name is Marion.

I am an avowed connoisseur. The joy of enjoyment, the fun of cooking and baking, and all the good and tasty things have inspired me to start a blog. It is most beautiful when you can enjoy good things, be it food, drink or beautiful things, together with loved ones. That makes you happy and you can't have enough feelings of happiness in life. And because I enjoy it so much when others are happy, I would like to share my pleasures with you here.

I value good wine and enjoy the Franconian wine holidays with dear friends, so that the shelves in our cellar can be refilled over and over again. But I am also not averse to a good cold beer with my meal. On the contrary, this is where my Swabian-Bavarian roots emerge. Our staple food tastes good and goes well with everything. With sweet as well as hearty.

I especially like sweets. Regardless of whether it's pastries, desserts, ice cream or cakes. These are indispensable flatterers for the soul. But good food also conjures up feelings of happiness. I like Bavarian and Swabian home cooking very much. But I also eat Thai or Indian. These are exciting flavors that can surprise me again and again and I like to try new things. Italian, Greek, are also always welcome classics.

With all the things I like to eat, ham noodles are my absolute favorite. I could sit down there! I quite simply like them and, since my kitty, preferably with homemade fussili. Sear a bit in the pan with a good ham and a pinch of butter to top it off. Childhood memories included.

There are still so many ideas and recipes for you buzzing in my head and I look forward to sharing them with you and other readers. It's not getting any less, because I love cooking and baking magazines and books. I seldom do something exactly according to a recipe, but I just like to collect them. The good thing about it is that a lot of new things are created through my modifications. Recipes with a lot of frippery aren't exactly my favorites. For example, of course you like a little variety in your food, but I don't want to have half of all the ingredients left over. Not without a plan of what to do with the rest. I try to take this into account in my recipes.

Because I like our little garden so much, I have dedicated a page to it on my blog. Everything can be colorful there, but of course with wild order. I like clear lines, even if they can be a little playful. I can't deny my favorite color any more than I can deny my favorite style “vintage”. Finally a fashion for me. I stand by what I like and show that in the design of my blog. You can find a little more about this in my post that I wrote to introduce my header.

What is your favorite kitchen utensil actually?

I would be happy if you answer this question, whether here as a comment or by email. I'm curious!

At first I immediately thought of my kitty, but a simple plastic spatula is even more indispensable for me. I often use it for cooking and baking, for stirring and spreading. You get so much more good out of the bowls. I have to smile. As a child, as much cake batter as possible had to be left in the bowl. I loved licking the bowl out. But who doesn't know that? My mom, the best of them all, was always very patient with me because I protested at the first spoon she took out of the bowl. I can still remember that very well. But also because, with a lovely smile, she put a bowl into my hands in which there was still enough delicious cake batter. I always tried very hard with the bowl and it was also very clean when I was done with it. At least that's what she looked like.

And now I wish you a lot of fun with my gourmet cuisine and many enjoyable moments.

Your Marion