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Nintendo Switch: fan loud? You can do that

It can happen that you only want to indulge in a short game on the Nintendo Switch, but suddenly the console turns up so much that with the best of will you can no longer understand what is going on in the game. It doesn't have to be, because on the one hand you can ensure that the fan is no longer so loud and on the other hand you can prevent whistling and loud noises from occurring again.

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While you can clean the fan of consoles like the PS4 or Xbox One relatively easily, this is it not so easy with the switchbecause you cannot easily remove the covers. It is all the more important that you uses the Switch preventively and in the best case, prevents the fan from becoming loud and making a whistling sound. That won't always be possible, but there are options.

You can do this when the fan gets loud

The easiest here is one Restart, because in most cases the switch is overwhelmed with its workload and turns hot. So save wherever you are in the game and turn off the switch. It is important to you that you not just in standby mode shipped, but once completely shut down. If you restart it afterwards, the fan should work normally again.

Make sure that the fan on the Nintendo Switch is not covered. If it is still loud, you can try a few things.

Otherwise, you should make sure that the fan of the switch doesn't have to turn up so loud in the first place. Do not try to get to the fan yourself and open the switch. On the one hand, your warranty is void and, on the other hand, you run the risk of damaging the console so that it no longer works.

Prevent increased volume and fan whistling

Sure, when you start a game that is enormous a lot of memory eats, there is little you can do. Either you play the game anyway or you decide to take care of your switch ... The decision is probably made quickly if you have already bought the game.

But what can also lead to high volume is a increased ambient temperature. That's why it's important, especially in summer, that you keep the Switch in a shady place and not expose it to direct sunlight. Do not try to cool the console with a damp cloth. Rather, turn them off for a while and put them in a cool, dry corner.

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In addition, you should of course always make sure that no fabric covers the fan slots. This not only means more difficult air supply, but also the accumulation of dust and lint, which can additionally weaken the performance of the fan. Always pack the Switch on a flat, dust-free surface. So you hesitate to dirty the fan.

Lastly, over-revving the fan can result in your console in standby mode for too long have kept. Every now and then the switch is also good if you give the console a little break. A fresh start can work wonders. Try it out!

If there is increased fan noise immediately after purchasing the switch, you shouldn't wait long and bring it back to the store. There you can either exchange it or it will be sent for repair.