Which shirt color goes well with brown pants

Black pants with brown shoes? Yes! That's how it's done

Let's answer the important question right away. Can you wear brown shoes with black pants? Yes, you can wear black pants and brown shoes. But be careful as it is not considered formal wear. And to be completely honest, black suit and brown shoes are not allowed under the classic gentlemanly rules, so take a look at the post if you want to combine your favorite brown shoes with black clothes. If you want to know how to mix and match blue suits and brown shoes, check out our post on the topic: blue suit and brown shoes.

Check out this infographic to really quickly see what beautiful options are available for your black pants and brown shoes. If you have additional doubts or want to read about more specific combinations, read on.

5 tips for the perfect combination of brown shoes and black pants


  1. Avoid shoes that are too dark brown.And this rule applies to many cases. You shouldn't combine colors that are too similar. So if in doubt, try to choose light brown shoes with your black pants. Try it with light brown shoes with black pants.
  2. Keep it casual. This outfit isn't formal so just bring it to the casual side. Black pants are formal, but then shoes, accessories, and the shirt are a great way to turn them into your best elegant casual outfit.
  3. Choose the right accessory.Of course, the belt has to be the same shade of brown, but you can also add a nice brown leather watch and you have a perfect outfit.
  4. White (dress) shirt during the day. A simple, clean outfit that combines black pants, brown shoes and a white t-shirt or shirt. Simple and it works. Accessories will become even more important.
  5. Gray, black or blue (dress) shirt during the night.You want an extra style booster. You get that with a darker outfit.


Black jeans with brown shoes


Black jeans and brown shoes go perfectly together. Think about it and read through the 5 rules above again. They are casual, they allow accessories, and jeans are easy to combine with any type of shirt and dress shirt. Master this outfit and it will make your morning wardrobe decisions a lot easier.

And the same goes for chinos. You can apply the same rules to to combine your black chinos with brown shoes.



Black on black with brown shoes


Yes, black on black with brown shoes works. And the good thing about it is that it will make your shoes stand out. So choose right. The brown shoes become the most important part of the outfit.





Black pants brown boots


It works too. It's so easy to mix and match black pants, black jeans, and brown boots! Benefit from this and build yourself an outfit with high self-confidence with your favorite brown boots and the black pants that fit you.



Black pants, brown shoes, ok, but what color is the shirt?


There are two ways you can never go wrong with your shirt and black pants and brown shoes

1) White shirt with black pants and brown shoes. Simple, especially recommended during the day, but you can also wear it after work or at night. It always works and makes for a clean outfit.



2) Black, blue or gray shirt with black pants and brown shoes. A little more risky, so you have to be careful when combining. Get inspiration from others and just keep it simple if you're not sure.



What kind of brown shoes should I wear?


If you have a wearing black wool trousers:

  • Brown oxford shoes. The most formal choice among brown shoes. No problem, it will continue to be an elegant, casual look. Oxfords are never the wrong choice when it comes to wool suit pants.
  • Brown derby shoes. A little more casual. But how is it possible that you don't know the difference between Oxford and Derby? Read our blog post
  • Brown shoes with wingtip. The choice of the most stylish people. Usually wingtip shoes are too Brogue shoesso that you will wear the typical brogue shoes.
  • Brown boots. As long as the trousers cover the ankle, nobody will notice anything, so just go.

If you Jeans or chinos wear:

  • You can have the same options as above, but also brown sneakers wear.

We hope it was helpful and you took some inspiration for your casual look. It's time to start designing these new outfits, so take a look at our bespoke pants designer online:





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