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Focus! 4 best tools to temporarily block Facebook & Co

Don't let social media rule and dictate your life. You are worth more than that

At best, describe it as a compelling distraction. 6 Tips to Prevent Internet Movement 6 Tips to Prevent Internet Movement I am a master of procrastination. Maybe you are like that too. There are millions of people who suffer from crippling procrastination, which seriously affects productivity and efficiency. The strange thing is that a lot of… Read more. At worst, it can be a full blown addiction - a problem that can be symptomatic of deeper problems, such as internet addiction. Take a break from the internet. You will thank yourself later. [Opinion] Take a break from the internet - you thank you later [Opinion] Oh, the internet. One of the most transforming inventions of the last century, perhaps even in all of human history. Never before has everything been so available with so little effort that such a smartphone addiction… Read more ... Are you addicted to your smartphone? Are you addicted to your smartphone? At one time we only had landline and payphones - and we made it through well, thank you very much. But now it's almost ridiculous if you don't have an iPhone or Android and for some and more. If you lack digital willpower, there are 4 ways you can use technology intelligently and harness your willpower. 4 ways to use the technology intelligently and activate your willpower. We all have enough motivation to do things but not enough motivation to actually do something. Do them. So we turn to technology to fill the void of this motivational purgatory. Read More

Fortunately, you are neither the first nor the only one to suffer from this disease. Many tools have been developed to combat them and most are freely available. Here are some of the better ones we've used.

LeechBlock [Firefox]

LeechBlock is my add-on for Firefox. Without that, my productivity would go down and I would make a mess. If you're a regular Firefox user and haven't tried LeechBlock yet, do yourself a favor and install it right away. Setup is simple enough and you can get many hours a day off that might have been wasted.

With LeechBlock you can set up to 6 different websites that are blocked under different conditions. Which days of the week? In which hours for how long? Should it repeat itself? How should the websites be blocked?

Each set can be customized. So you can block social media during the day, block working pages at night, block pornography at any time, etc. You can also block sets when needed instead of waiting for the scheduled times. Check out my LeechBlock test distracted by time consuming websites? Does LeechBlock for Firefox take care of the distraction of time consuming websites? LeechBlock for Firefox ensures reading Read More for a deeper look into this important addon.

StayFocusd [Chrome]

StayFocusd is reminiscent of LeechBlock, only that it was designed for Chrome. I don't know which came first, but in the end it doesn't matter because they both think about what to do. Do you need to block annoying websites so you can focus on your work? This is the extension you want pronto.

The concept is the same. They keep a list of blocked sites and set conditions when these sites are blocked by day of the week and time of day. Unlike LeechBlock, you can only manage one group of websites.

You can set a “Maximum Allowed Time” setting that allows you to browse blocked sites for X minutes every day. For example, if you block YouTube but set this option to 30 minutes, you can browse YouTube for 30 minutes on days that YouTube is blocked. Check out Aaron's review of StayFocusd. Stay focused on Google Chrome with StayFocusd and say goodbye to distractions. Stay focused on StayFocusd for Google Chrome and say goodbye to distractions. It would be an understatement to say that this is the main source of research and work. But not ... Read More

ColdTurkey [Windows]

To quit something “cold turkey” means to give it up suddenly and all at once. As such, cold turkey is an aptly named program. Like LeechBlock and StayFocusd, access to all blocked websites is cut off. However, this is a desktop program that is far more powerful than the two browser plugins.

Cold Turkey blocks websites at the computer level, not the browser level. This means that you cannot access the said websites with any browser. In addition, however, you cannot access certain websites through other programs such as video games (e.g. Steam). In addition to blocking websites, Cold Turkey can block entire programs from running.

Advanced computer gurus can bypass cold turkey's limitations but are powerful enough to deter most users. It cannot be stopped with the taskbar or the task manager, or disabled by uninstalling it while it is active.

xMinutesAt [website]

If your willpower is good but not good enough, xMinutesAt is the website that will help you fill the void. Let's say you feel like browsing your favorite forums, but you know you’re being taken for hours without even realizing it. Sounds familiar, right?

With xMinutesAt you can spend “X minutes at” a certain website before it tells you that the time is up. That reminder can be anything you need to get yourself out of the window, close the tab, and get back to work. The website is also easy to use. All you have to do is enter how long you want your grace period to follow the site's url.

You can also drag the bookmarklet to your browser's bookmarks bar and quickly set a time limit for the current page you are on. Instructions on how to do this can be found on the xMinutesAt website.

If these solutions aren't enough, you can do better with a router-based website blocker. Here's how to block really time-wasting websites. Really block time wasting websites. Finding yourself unproductive due to distracting websites? Block them. No, seriously: block them. If you have work to get done and you can't concentrate because the internet is too fascinating, do it for your… Read more?

Do you use tools to block distracting, time consuming websites? If yes, which? It would be helpful to all of us if you let us know, especially if your preferred tools are not known to the public. Write a comment below!

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