Eat vegan better for the planet

59 things that have happened since I became vegan

Hello Holger,
I once thought like you. The argument with the over 90 year olds who have never lived vegan and are still getting old sounds plausible at first. But if you look at the different life situations of the generations, you have to correct something.
Namely, they have to keep in mind that these gentlemen didn't have nearly as much processed garbage to buy in the supermarkets. Back then you ate what there was and it wasn't a good beef or chicken every day. Meat was an exception for a long time, and if so from organic pork from the neighboring farmer and no antibiotics turkey from a mass farm.
It would be similarly short-sighted to say smoking is healthy just because Joppy Hesters was over 100 years old. But how many have died much earlier as a result of smoking?

They also argue that the CO2 problem is related to cars.
Of course, they do their part. But are you aware of what factory farming looks like in the US? Imagine 5000 pigs. Each of them needs to be fattened properly so that it gets nice and fat. These animals poop 3 times the amount of a human per day. In addition to the gas pollution, this also creates material that goes where? Right, via detours into the groundwater.

I can recommend a very interesting documentary about this on Netflix: What the Health.

I'm not a vegan myself (yet). But I'll try it out soon. Personally, my primary concern is my own health and well-being. The suffering of the animals is a catastrophe, but I have to honestly say that so far it has not been enough for me to completely give up meat. At least I have been more conscious of meat consumption for a long time.

I know some people who have switched to vegan. And yes. It always sounds like a diet commercial. But here are the facts from my family and friends.

All have lost weight. An acquaintance even drastically. A person suffers from diabetes and an unfortunately undiagnosed auto-immune disease. After only 7 weeks of veganism, both diseases showed hardly any symptoms or none at all.
So there has to be something to do with the change in diet.

And that was the trigger for me to say. I try too. Because I dare to say that I am one of the greatest skeptics on this planet. So I have to experience it firsthand. 🙂

Love from,