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Booking and reservation systems

The Amadeus Global Distribution System is the core development of a leading provider of innovative technology solutions for the global travel and transport industry. The system is designed for booking airline tickets, train tickets, hotels, transfers, rental cars, insurance, tour packages and cruises as well as for the use of advertising technologies and payment solutions. The range of services can vary depending on the market. The system is actively used by more than 400,000 tour operators around the world.

In 2000, Amadeus was the first in the industry to receive ISO 9001: 2000 quality certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Today, Amadeus offers its customers the ability to book flights for more than 480 airlines in real time and view the flight schedules of more than 710 airlines around the world.

Travelport is a travel commerce platform for the global travel and tourism industry.

Travelport is a leader in airline merchandising, providing key technologies such as purchasing, ticketing, departure control and other services to simplify any task, as well as hosting and distributing hotel content, rental cars, mobile commerce and B2B payment solutions.

More than 400 partner airlines and travel companies around the world have chosen Travelport to differentiate their brands, maximize revenue, reduce costs and reach travel buyers through all channels on almost every continent.

Saber Travel Network is a leading provider of technology solutions to the travel industry, connecting customers with travel sellers and enabling those sellers to effectively maximize the value of their content on a personalized basis through the world's largest market, the Saber global distribution system.

More than 55,000 travel agencies and over 400 airlines, 86,000 hotels, 25 car rental companies and 12 cruise lines are connected via Saber to provide their customers with an unforgettable travel experience and to develop the travel industry by offering a wide range of technology solutions, including business data-driven analytics , Mobility solutions and software-as-a-service sales (SaaS) solutions that suppliers and buyers use to plan, market, sell, maintain and manage their business.

Saber is the world's largest provider of aerospace and hospitality technology, processing transactions valued at over $ 120 billion annually.

Saber has been named InformationWeek's 500 Most Innovative Technology Company for 11 years in a row and ranks seventh on the "Best Software Ever Written" list.

Sirena Travel

The Sirena Travel Automated Distribution System (ADS) is a platform for interaction with the inventory booking systems of aviation companies (PSS Leonardo, Gabriel, Saber, Amadeus), which enables a "neutral" display of their content and the booking of aviation and travel services.

Sirena-Travel is the only accredited domestic distribution system for booking air transportation that complies with the principles of building leading global foreign distribution systems (GDS), taking into account the needs and characteristics of the transportation market in Russia and the CIS countries. The technology of his work is based on international standards for integration into the global tourism and travel infrastructure.

The system allows you to book seats and issue tickets from any agent terminal, collect and save information about the schedule, seat availability and tariffs. It forms a single archive of all processes, with which you can use the data to generate reports for all participants in the process


"Sirena-2000" is a booking and reservation system for flight tickets that was developed based on the recommendations of the IATA. "Sirena-2000" implements an international technology for the distribution of services in passenger transport, taking into account the internal constellation, with support for two languages ​​(Russian and English) and thus enables all resources to be in one place in order to monitor the process as thoroughly as possible to manage their own resources and to operate an independent tariff policy. The following options are provided in the system: Separate schedule and resource management, 24 different subclasses in accordance with international practice, 4 management algorithms for reserving free places in subclasses, sale of places without specific numbers, uniform raid concept, possibility of exchanging information with international booking and reservation systems ( e.g. Amadeus) and to expand the sales network.

Sirena 2.3

The automated booking and reservation system "Sirena 2.3" is a distributive-invertoric reservation system. It can be used in one of the following ways: As the airline's own system in the inventory of the business information complex, as a distribution system that gives agents access to the resources of other inverter systems, or as a shared system for several airlines and / or agencies.

Today "Sirena 2.3" allows numerous large Russian airlines to manage their resources partially or completely. One of the most important subsystems of "Sirena 2.3" is the passenger service subsystem for reserving seats. It meets the requirements of both the domestic and foreign air transport market and ensures a number of functions that are typical for direct work with the passenger, including selection of the seat as desired, selection of different catering options and ticket issuance, application of different tariffs, entitlement to Discounts, price reductions, parcel services, entitlement to participation in frequent flyer programs and much more.

The UFS system is a fully-fledged railroad cash register that allows you to work around the clock from any location.

You do not need any additional training, no RZD accreditation and no special equipment technology or software. To be able to work with the system, all you need is a PC with Internet access. It is a particularly easy-to-use system and users do not need any special knowledge or skills. The chance of making a mistake has been reduced to a minimum. The “Insurance” module, an additional bonus for users of the system, allows them to apply for travel insurance for rail travelers.