What's the worst notebook

The currently best and worst notebook manufacturers

The tech medium Engadget annually selects the best and worst laptop brands. When evaluating, the portal takes into account reviews of devices in the past year, the design of new products, support and warranty, innovation and the price-performance ratio. The first category takes up most of the 100 possible points. The fewest points are given for innovation.

The only device with five out of five stars

The winner of this year's ranking for the portal is Lenovo. The group was already able to take first place last year. Engadget especially liked the ThinkPad X1 and the Yoga 920. The first-mentioned device was the only product to receive five out of five stars in 2017. The company had to cut back on support. With a total of 86 points, Lenovo is just one point ahead of the runner-up.

HP leads the way in design

HP can be found there. The manufacturer was able to make up two places thanks to the powerful HP Specter x360, ZBook 17 and HP Envy 13t devices. When it comes to support and warranty, they are even ahead of Lenovo and the company can also leave the first place behind when it comes to design. Only in the previous tests did the winner score three points better. HP has a total of 85 points in the Engadget ranking.

Close race for third place

Dell also made it to the podium with a total of 82 points. The improved tech support was recognized and there was almost a record in terms of innovation. The Dell XPS 13 and Alienware 15. Only one point behind is Acer in fourth place. The Spin 1 and Aspire E15 performed strongly in tests. In particular, the price-performance ratio should speak for the manufacturer with 81 points.

Asus somewhat beaten

Incidentally, Asus is tied on points with Acer, although they were still in second place last year. The manufacturer would be a leader in the gaming segment, and the company did not do too well in terms of innovation and reviews last year. The ZenBook UX331UN and the Chromebook C213S are said to have stood out in particular.

Microsoft expensive but good

Microsoft is in sixth place with a total of 77 points. The Surface Book 2 and the Surface Laptop gave the group a four-place increase in Engadget's ranking. However, there is a need for improvement in the design and especially the price-performance ratio.

Apple slacked off a lot

Apple ranks seventh. Before that, the group was still in fifth place. According to the portal, however, the company is no longer focusing on the laptop business. In terms of tech support, the company continues to excel. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement in terms of innovation and value for money. The company was able to achieve at least 72 points.

Razer very expensive but a leader in gaming

Behind Apple is Razer, who make premium gaming laptops. The Razer Blade and Razer Blade Pro would be great devices if you have the budget. With 70 points you are ahead of the ninth-placed MSI, which can also be found in the gaming laptop area and received 67 points. The manufacturer's tech support is said to be very weak, which is why the company dropped two places.

Samsung hardly focuses on laptops anymore

Samsung is tied, and apparently they are no longer concentrating on laptops either. The group is now said to have devices on the market that lag significantly behind the competition, mainly due to the design. At least when it comes to support, the South Korean manufacturer still has a few points. (red, 04/29/2018)