Athletes have to be human


Status: 19.01.2021 10:32 p.m.

At the federal-state consultations on Tuesday, the measures in the corona crisis were tightened again. Cheering football professionals lying in each other's arms on the pitch seem like they are from another world - but to condemn them would be unworldly.

A comment by Matthias Heidrich

Imagine Holstein Kiel throwing the great FC Bayern Munich out of the DFB Cup on penalties - and then: no cheers, no hugs or triumph chants in the dressing room. Instead: silence. Mask on, keep your distance and go home. Inconceivably.

The symbolic effect of celebrating athletes is great in times of increasingly strict corona measures. The fact that the professionals seem to be traveling in a parallel world calls concerned politicians to the scene. "Children are not allowed to play football while you continue in the Bundesliga as if nothing had happened - even with the mutation that is now in play," said Saarland Prime Minister Tobias Hans (CDU) the Saarland broadcasting company.

Meyer: "S"

It is not just that the comparison lags because the professionals only pursue their profession, anyway behind this populist statement there is probably the fear of potential voter frustration over the supposed special role of professional sport.

said Tim Meyer, team doctor for the German national team and author of the hygiene concept for the German Football League, Deutschlandfunk"

The Embolo case is symbolic

Of course, there are positive corona cases in professional sport, as in all other areas of social life. Some can certainly be avoided by adhering to the hygiene concepts or simply using common sense, as the example of Breel Embolo shows. According to the police, the player from Gladbach was a guest at an illegal party. He denies the party allegations, but admits that he made a mistake by visiting a friend in Essen "nowadays".

Either way, the symbolic effect is fatal. Everyone has to obey the rules. Last but not least, football professionals who serve as role models for many people. The Embolo story is rightly an upset, cup heroes hugging each other are not.

Professional sport challenges incomparable emotions - cheers for great victories, comforting hugs for bitter defeats. Anyone who always demands Corona-compliant behavior from athletes who are pumped full of adrenaline is demanding the humanly impossible.

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