Which domain registrars offer free private registration?

Domain providers: the best providers at a glance

ICANN has been monitoring and managing (I.nternet C.organization for A.ssigned Names and Numbers) on behalf of IANA (I.nternet A.ssigned Numbers A.uthority) the allocation of all available top-level domains. For this purpose, however, it does not act as a registry itself, but sells the awarding rights for the individual domain endings to independent organizations that have this position as Allocation or registration office take over and therefore also as Registries are designated. Depending on whether it is a generic or one Country-specific top-level domain acts, the ICANN makes very strict or less strict specifications in which way the different agencies have to regulate the allocation. For this reason, the registration regulations - as mentioned briefly at the beginning - can differ from registry to registry.

However, the registries do not take on the assignment themselves either. Rather, they conclude contracts with the so-called Registrarswho in turn often refer to themselves as domain providers or domain providers. As an intermediary between the registration office and the users who are looking for a top-level domain, they take on tasks such as registering the domain and billing the costs. In many cases, the domain providers are Internet providerthat have additional offers in addition to the domain registration, for example also e-mail inboxes or one that matches the domain Hosting solution include.