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Pandemic - These data on the corona virus show: Switzerland is one of the most severely affected countries in the world

These data on the corona virus show: Switzerland is one of the most severely affected countries in the world

With 8060 confirmed coronavirus cases per capita, Switzerland is the second worst affected country in the world - after Italy.

Europe and Switzerland were spared the corona virus for a long time; Asian countries in particular were preoccupied with them: above all China, where the disease first broke out. Covid-19 then slowly found its way to us, where the first case was registered on February 25, 2020.

Since then, the corona virus has spread rapidly. In the whole country and in all cantons of Switzerland. Just four weeks later, the FOPH confirmed around 8060 corona virus infections for Switzerland: The number of sick people doubles every two to three days in Switzerland - and the number of unreported cases is likely to be much higher than the known number.

The exponential increase in the number of sick people

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Compared to the high Corona numbers from Italy, China or the USA, the Covid 19 numbers in Switzerland as a whole may not yet appear to be very high. Per capita, Switzerland, a country with a little more than 8 million inhabitants and over 8,000 cases, is very badly affected. Globally, Switzerland ranks second after Italy in a per capita comparison.

According to the evaluation by the Johns Hopkins University, Switzerland has around 85 sick people per 100,000 inhabitants, which is extremely high compared to other countries. Only in Italy are there more infected people, at 98 per 100,000 people.

The number of sick people per 100,000 inhabitants

However, such per capita comparisons must be viewed with caution because not all countries use the same test regime. For example, while the USA has only done a few 10,000 tests so far, several 100,000 tests have been done in South Korea. The fewer tests a country does, the fewer cases are known. The assumed number of unreported cases in the country is correspondingly higher.

The number of Covid-19 deaths per country is much clearer. This gives a clearer picture of how many people in each country actually die from the disease. Here, too, Switzerland is at the top of the table. But, unfortunately, Italy also tops these statistics. Because our southern neighbor has the highest number of fatalities globally. On certain days in the past week, over 800 people died from the corona virus - every day.

The death rate per 100,000 inhabitants

In order to curb the spread of the virus in Switzerland, the Federal Council declared the “special situation” on March 16, 2020 and imposed emergency law on Switzerland. How the Federal Council's measures will affect the spread and mortality of the virus remains to be seen over the next few days and weeks.

The fact is, however, that Switzerland is not alone with its measures. The majority of European countries have imposed severe measures such as shop closings, assembly bans and barring people. In addition, the borders with one another have also been closed in most EU countries. The last graphic shows the situation of measures in the other European countries.

The situation of measures in Europe


All graphics are current as of March 23, 2020 and 12:50 p.m.