Gary Vaynerchuk misleads the youth

Insights Influencer Marketing - What is it?

You will find out what defines influencers and how the influencer market works. With helpful tips for getting started in influencer marketing for marketers and tips for young influencers and everyone who wants to become one. At the end of the day, it was particularly interesting for me to talk about business influencers, and not just because I am developing myself further in this market.

Listen to me and the media and influencer expert Marc Christian Lautner (on the phone), currently Senior Sales Manager at Media Impact GmbH & Co. KG (Axel Springer).

We provide answers to these questions:

- What do influencers do?
- What does influencer marketing cost?
- Influencer What is it?
- What do influencers earn?
- How can I become an influencer?
- How are influencers paid?
- What is influencer marketing
- Which influencer has the most followers?
- Introduction to influencer marketing basics, strategies and success factors

We wish you a lot of knowledge. We look forward to questions and comments on this page, which we would be happy to answer. Get in touch with us 😃

Show notes:

  1. Interview partner LinkedIn profile »Medienflüsterer«: Marc Christian Lautner
  2. Trend development influencers in Google trends (just in time)
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo, the mega infuencer
  4. Dr. Johannes Hartl from the prayer house in Augsburg
  5. Federal Association of Influencer and Marketing Association, with code of ethics
  6. The full-service influencer marketing agency with an ethic code
  7. Gary “Vee” (Real: Vaynerchuk) -> Investor and owner of Vaynermedia
  8. First video (wine tasting) by and with Gary Vee
  9. TOP example in Germany: Sally's world
  10. Training / studies influencer for the economy at the DHBW
  11. Jakob Kiender, CEO of Foxymatch // Search for suitable influencers with AI
  12. Another example in Germany: sales coach Dirk Kreuter




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