Is it okay to eat sage leaves?

Sage and breastfeeding: why you should refrain from breastfeeding

Of course, nursing mothers want to eat healthily. It is obvious! Therefore, you should rather avoid sage during breastfeeding. While sage is healthy, it can also cause quite nasty side effects. You can find out here why you should avoid breastfeeding.

How does sage affect the body?

Sage has long been considered a medicinal plant and is used for various physical ailments. These include, for example, inflammation of the throat and pharynx. In addition to its antiseptic effect, sage is also said to have a growth-inhibiting effect on fungi and bacteria and to relieve cramps. The decisive factor is the thujone it contains, a component of the essential oil found in the plant.

Why to be careful with sage while breastfeeding

Despite the positive effects described, nursing mothers should exercise caution with sage. Sage, sage oils and sage tea can have a sedative effect and thus stop the flow of milk. This can lead to an insufficient supply of your baby and, in the worst case, you have to feed them.

Thujone, which is responsible for the positive effects of sage, can also lead to undesirable side effects. Too much of this essential oil can trigger symptoms such as flushing, cramps, dizziness, and also a temporarily increased heart rate. All side effects that you certainly do not want to have. It is for this reason that it is important to be very careful when it comes to “sage and breastfeeding”. For example, if you only drink a cup of sage tea now and then, it cannot be assumed that the described side effects will occur. But you really don't have to conjure up your misfortune. By the way: It is not advisable to use too large amounts even after breastfeeding.


Sage, sage oil and sage tea are healthy, but unsuitable for breastfeeding mothers. While sage has anti-milk properties, women looking to reduce their milk flow should not start drinking more sage tea. In such a case it is better to ask the midwife or lactation consultant.

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