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Glenn González from SAP comments on tech trends: These technologies will be important in 2021

After major changes and economic challenges in 2020, 2021 is set to be the year of high hopes. New ideas should emerge from overcoming difficulties - at least if Glenn González, the CTO of SAP Germany, has his way. In this post, he comments on the analysts' top tech trends for 2021.

The topic of digitization has been on everyone's lips for a long time. But often it remains with words that are not followed by action. "In 2020, many became aware that it was not just about getting rid of paper, but how relevant the topic really is," says SAP Germany CTO Glenn González. The degree of digitization of a company is crucial when it comes to reacting quickly to changes in the market, as the corona crisis showed.

Analysts' top tech trends for 2021

Many companies have dealt well with the “new normal” since Corona - “precisely because they have a high Degree of digitization González observes. The digital change must definitely move into the center of the planning of companies. A holistic view of all digitization options is recommended here: From production and customer interaction to new work models that are independent of location and time.

Tech Trend 1: Total Experience (TX)

Consulting firm Gartner believes Total Experience is a key strategic technology trend this year. At TX, customer, employee and user experiences are combined to transform the bottom line of business. The goal: the way in which users perceive the digital world, to improve everywhere.

“The expectation that everything has to be mobile has long been outdated. The use of voice control, gesture control, chatbots or AI working in the background simplifies interactions, supports decisions or takes them off completely, ”says González.

Interactions are becoming more and more mobile, virtual, distributed: A TX strategy is therefore for companies essential.

Tech trend 2: Intelligent Composable Business

For Gartner, Intelligent Composable Business is another trend for 2021. This is understood to mean companies that can adapt and fundamentally redesign themselves on the basis of a current situation. Digital business strategies help drive digital transformation. Businesses need to be able to use current data To make decisions and to implement and readjust them quickly.

Artificial intelligence

Companies could significantly improve their decisions if they had access to more and better data and insights. Artificial intelligence is already of great help today. “It's not just about analytics, but about the intelligent use of AI in the process so that insights can also be followed by actions,” says González.

Tech trend 3: hyper automation

Hyper-automation has been one of the most important strategic technology trends in the past few years - and it will remain so this year.

Hyper-automation, process automation and optimization means: everything that can be automated in an organization should be automated. That helps about Machine learning or automation like Intelligent Robot Process Automation (iRPA). But software such as chatbots or voice and gesture control also helps to improve processes. There are also solutions for process mining to make processes transparent.

Tech trend 4: digital platforms and ecosystems

The analysts at ISG Research see digital platforms and ecosystems as an important trend for 2021. More and more companies are finding access to scalable and standards-based IT solutions. The better one Monetization of inventory data is also in focus. The digital platform economy can therefore hardly be stopped.

Digital platforms and ecosystems offer a level of standardization for organizations that have grown heterogeneously. They also allow companies to network internally and externally via interfaces. The result: decentralized, globally scaling ecosystems made up of complementary business partners and offers.

Tech trend 5: IoT, Edge Computing & Augmented X

In the manufacturing industry, ISG Research's analysts expect that for the next two years Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and robotics become more important.

“The possibilities of using AR technology in an industrial context are multiplying. At the same time, prices are falling and the hardware is becoming more manageable, ”observes González. "Edge computing is an enabler technology for Augmented X, as it analyzes and stores the data where it is created and needed." The seamless interaction of edge components with the backend systems in almost real time is essential.

Tech trend 6: Sustainability becomes a factor

The consultants from IDC write in their FutureScape study that sustainability is becoming more and more of a factor. By 2025, 90 percent of Global 2000 companies will operate with recyclable resources and have besides CO2 targets also strategies to reduce energy consumption. This becomes an important factor for suppliers, because only if they can demonstrate these measures will the large companies enter into business relationships with them.

The sustainability issue will play a major role this year. Companies need to think about how they can use IT in a Green IT can optimize so that it saves energy and resources. The issue of sustainability does not only affect IT, but the entire company.

Tech trend 7: software stack eruption

“Data is the new software,” predict the Cloudflight analysts. The role of software in terms of quality and functionality will increasingly be replaced by data in 2021. A whole class of data products is evolving over and above Platforms will be available. Merely collecting data does not lead to a breakthrough, algorithms have to be further developed on the basis of this.

“Traditional software without machine learning algorithms and AI is increasingly becoming a commodity and through an orchestration of Platform-as-a-Service services replaced. With the large amount of data and sources, it no longer makes sense to collect everything in one solution. It's about orchestrating the data pools in a smart way, ”comments González.

Even if this list is not exhaustive, trends may disappear or others may appear out of nowhere: Gonzélez recommends that you take these topics seriously and deal with them. (wag)

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