Does Minecraft or Fortnite have more players

Minecraft has more players than Fortnite

Michael Mercenary

Ten year old Minecraft still has more monthly players than Fortnite or Roblox.

EnlargeMinecraft can still inspire many millions of players every month even after ten years.

Minecraft, which started as an indie game in 2009, is now ten years old. Nevertheless, the game, which is now part of Microsoft, continues to record increasing numbers of players. According to Business Insider, Minecraft is played by 112 million players per month. A year ago it was 91 million players a month, so interest continues to grow. But Minecraft is not without competition either: With 100 million players per month, the sandbox game Roblox is hot on the heels of the top dog Minecraft. The popular Fortnite was also able to catch up: In March, the action game was played by 78.3 million players.

The large number of versions that are now available is also responsible for the success of Minecraft. In addition to the PC version, ports for PS4, Xbox One and especially for smartphones are very popular. Those who have subscribed to the Microsoft Game Pass also receive Minecraft for free - the number of players increased significantly as a result. Microsoft also announced a ray tracing version of Minecraft a few weeks ago, which can make the old game look incredibly beautiful thanks to new graphics standards. The following video gives a taste of the new rendering technology in Minecraft for Windows 10.

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