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Here we present a lot of information about water trucks, explain how they work and show which different versions and models are available to buy.

Spirit levels are essential for most construction projects. With them you determine and provide the desired horizontal and vertical alignment of your objects safe. Say that e.g. B. all levels, alignments, slopes and angles correspond exactly to the values ​​you need.

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Since there are a lot of variants and technical terms, we would like to give you an overview here and provide you with the most important information about the topic Spirit levels familiarize.

How a spirit level works

A spirit level is the fastest and easiest way to check whether all elements, e.g. B. the course of a wall, in balance are. The way it works is very simple.

On classic spirit levels there are three so-called Dragonflies attached (one each for the horizontal, vertical and 45 ° measurement). Dragonflies are glass or plastic tubes filled with liquids, each with a Air bubble swims. There are also two lines as markings on the tubes.

If the spirit level is now placed horizontally or vertically on the object, the bubble of the corresponding dragonfly must float exactly between the two markings. If this is not the case, then your object is not in plumb either.

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What types / models are there?

The best known type is the analog spirit level. It is usually 80 cm long and has three dragonflies. Analog types are perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects, such as hanging pictures or creating paths in the garden.

The digital spirit levels. They are based on the same principle as the classic spirit level, but are much more precise. That's how it lies Measurement accuracy for digital spirit levels it is 1 millimeter or less, while for normal models it is between 1 and 3 mm.

The other advantages of the digital variant include the much simpler measurement methods for objects with many angles and the use of signal tones. So you can set angles in advance on many devices. If you reach this, a signal sounds and you have determined the exact position. The digital spirit levels can also be used in just about any building project, indoors or outdoors.

The third variant represents the Laser level It also works with the dragonflies, but has a decisive advantage over the other two types. With the integrated laser pointers the lines can be displayed even over longer distances. So you don't have to constantly trace the lines yourself. However, the adjustment of the device is very extensive, which means that it cannot be used quickly.

The prices for a spirit level

You can buy analog spirit levels from less than 10 euros to buy. You can get high-quality scales in various lengths up to one meter on average for 30 euros. The spirit levels with a length between one and three meters are a bit more expensive. One price You have to take into account 50 to 70 euros.

Digital spirit levels are in the middle price segment. For the basic models you have to invest from 30 euros upwards. High-quality models cost around 100 euros. In return, however, you get real professional devices that can and withstand a lot.

In terms of price, the laser spirit levels are on par with the digital types. With 30 to 80 euros you are there and get solid basic models. The professional models cost between 100 and 200 euros on average.

The most important Spirit level manufacturer are:

  • Bosch spirit levels
  • Black & Decker spirit levels
  • Stabila scales
  • Other manufacturers of spirit levels include Connex, Sola, Kraftmann, etc.

Checklist for buying a spirit level

With our Checklist we want to help you who matching spirit level to find for your building project:

  1. Should the scales be analog, digital or equipped with laser functions?
    a. An analog spirit level can be used directly.
    b. Digital scales are more precise, require more time in preparation and are often more expensive.
    c. Laser spirit levels are sometimes the most expensive models and require a comparatively long preparation time. To do this, they cast precise laser lines at the objects.
  2. What kind of project do you want to realize? The analog models are usually sufficient for hanging pictures, laying parquet or gardening. For larger or more extensive projects, the digital versions are more suitable.
  3. How much money do you want to invest and how often do you want to use the scales?
  4. Which manufacturer is the spirit level - is there a favorite with particularly good ratings?

Do you have a valuable tip or a spirit level that is particularly recommended? Then please leave us a comment.

By the way: Our readers mostly choose these bestsellers Spirit levels:

Here is a video that shows the possible uses and advantages of a spirit level:

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